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Building Web Applications for Billion Dollar Companies

Sukumar Honkote, Senior Architect, Delivery Solutions | May 31, 2023

Data Science
Building Web Applications for Billion Dollar Companies
29 minutes, 11 seconds
Sukumar Honkote

About the speaker:

Mr. Sukumar Honkote is a Senior Architect at Delivery Solutions. He has a rich experience of over 10 years of industry experience. He is also a part of onboarding billion-dollar clients and building web applications for them. He did his Master’s at the International Institute of Infosoft Technology (IIIT Bombay).


In this session, Mr. Sukumar Honkote talks about 'How to Build Web Applications for Billion Dollar Companies'.

You will also explore:

  • The career transition journey of Sukumar to a software engineer at
    Delivery Solutions
  • How a web application is built for a billion-dollar company
  • The role of a Full Stack Developer in the company
  • Essential tools and technologies to learn to become a Full Stack Developer

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