Building Web Applications for Billion Dollar Companies

Sukumar Honkote, Senior Architect | 31 May 2023
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About the speaker

Mr. Sukumar Honkote is a Senior Architect at Delivery Solutions. He has a rich experience of over 10 years of industry experience. He is also a part of onboarding billion-dollar clients and building web applications for them. He did his Master’s at the International Institute of Infosoft Technology (IIIT Bombay).


In this insightful session, Mr. Sukumar Honkote, a software engineer at Delivery Solutions, shares invaluable lessons from his career transition. He sheds light on "How to Build Web Applications for Billion Dollar Companies," offering a unique perspective on:

  • Intricacies of Development: Discover the complexities and challenges faced when crafting web applications for massive corporations.
  • Full Stack Developer's role: Understand the critical contributions and responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer in such high-stakes environments.
  • Essential tools & technologies: Equip yourself with knowledge of key tools and technologies used by industry leaders.

Watch the full video for a deep dive into these topics and to gain actionable advice for your web development journey.

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