Career Planning in Data Science

Sushant Gaonkar, Digital Solutions Leader | 28 Jul 2022
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About the speaker

Sushanth Gaonker is the director of EC - COUNCIL. He has previously worked as the Vice president of Engineering in Athena Technologies and as a Consultant in Research and Analytics at Deloitte.  Not only has he held various leadership roles in the Data Science industry, he is also a renowned career coach and an author. 


In this session, Mr. Gaonker touches upon the most crucial aspects that helps one build a successful career, especially in the domain of Data Science. While laying out a clear roadmap as to how one can establish an iconic career, he identifies three major challenges:

  • Lack of clarity in career 
  • Lack of growth in career 
  • Confused about the career 

He also points out the 5 steps one needs to follow to become a successful working professional:

  • Discover your ideal career path
  • Identify and acquire the right set of skills
  • Build an effective career path
  • Build up a strong personal brand
  • Develop a success mindset

Watch this video to learn more about career planning and how you can become a successful Data Science professional.

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