How to negotiate salary

Teja Gudluru, Founder | 08 Dec 2023
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About the speaker

Teja Gudluru is a passionate serial entrepreneur, corporate trainer, leadership coach, and TEDx speaker with over 22 years of experience. He has founded several ventures including an organic urban farming startup and India's fastest-growing freelancing app. Teja actively conducts leadership training across 45 countries, blending his own leadership experience from managing large teams at HSBC. He is a certified trainer and has coached over 25,000 professionals across various industries. Teja has worked with elite global companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and GE. An ardent animal lover, he supports NGOs in three countries and is authoring a book to fundraise for animal rescue.


In this interactive session, Teja shares his inspiring journey from facing academic challenges to becoming a leadership coach. He leverages his extensive experience to demystify salary negotiations. Teja starts by explaining how companies determine compensation based on role, experience, skills, and industry benchmarks. He acknowledges that salary talks can be daunting, especially for those new to the workforce or making a career pivot. 

What are the most common sticking points? Teja addresses the self-limiting beliefs, like not feeling worthy of higher pay or lacking negotiation skills, that hold people back. He offers tactical advice to overcome these barriers, from quantifying your value and achievements to finding negotiating leverage, like multiple offers or rare expertise.  

Additionally, Teja shares tips for smoothly navigating salary expectations when changing careers or coming from marginalized backgrounds. This includes emphasizing transferable impact, aligning to the new role's compensation norms, and leading with your skills versus past pay. 

With insight from 1000+ coaching interactions, Teja answers the most frequently asked questions around salary negotiations. Whether you're due for a promotion or considering a new opportunity, this podcast will give you the confidence and strategies to advocate for equitable pay. 

Stick around to the end for Teja's top negotiation dos and don'ts. Gain the knowledge to master this essential workplace skill by watching the full video.

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