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Vikram Duggal , Leadership & Career Coach | 21 Jun 2022
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About the speaker

Vikram Duggal owns and heads ABHI VYAKTI, an organization that specializes in training and coaching services. He also serves in the domains of leadership and organization development. He is also the regional director of the ALPHA GROUP, that helps SMEs grow and thrive. Vikram is a renowned leadership & career coach; he has 22 years of experience in learning and development industry.


Vikram asserts that learning is a catalyst for transformative change in our lives, impacting not only personal growth but also career advancement. In his insightful OdinTalks video, he delves into the art of leveraging stress as a driver for growth and success, highlighting its intricate connection with both physical and mental well-being. 

Learn how to harness the power of stress as a catalyst for achievement, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth. Join the conversation and embark on a journey towards self-improvement and fulfillment.

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