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Data Science Case Studies: Regression for Business Decisions

Vishal Jain, Design Thinking Evangelist | 18 Sep 2021
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About the speaker

Vishal Jain is a Project and Product Management professional with 18+ years of experience. A seasoned Product Leader and Software Engineer, Vishal has experience in refining and grooming user stories. He is also the co-founder of BLOOMINDIA, a social entrepreneurship startup that provides compassionate care to those in need. He also established Edify Accelerators to help and guide budding startups in management and technology. Additionally, he is serving as the Product Development Manager at ROHM Semiconductor India. 


Mr. Vishal Jain, along with his partner Sohan Panda, Senior Leader at Infosys, VP at Sasken Technologies, and cofounder of Edify Accelerator, talks about the implementation and usage of technologies and skills with case studies. 

With the help of case studies, this interactive session gives an insight into correlating analytics and human behavioral patterns to better answer problem statements. 

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