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This Tutor Became a Data Engineer in 6 Months after A 5-yr Career Gap!

This Tutor Became a Data Engineer in 6 Months after A 5-yr Career Gap!


Aman Verma, coming from a defence family background, faced challenges in his career path. After unsuccessful attempts at government exams, he spent years preparing without securing a job. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Aman's curiosity led him to explore Data Science. Despite initial anxiety about programming, OdinSchool's trainers provided one-on-one support, and Aman went on to excel in the subject.

Aman Verma successfully became an Engineer (Data Analytics) at Cloud4C Services (one of the World’s Leading Automation-driven Application Focused Cloud Managed Services provider) after a career gap of 5 long years. His story proves that one cannot progress in life by staying in one's comfort zone.

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Aman Verma is from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and comes from a defence family background. It was assumed by everybody around him that he would also follow in the footsteps of his father- this made him prepare for the govt exams extensively. However, Aman could not clear the tests even after several attempts.

Aman finished his post-graduation in 2015, but as he was expected to get a defence job or clear the govt exam, he did not apply for regular corporate jobs and spent all his time preparing for the exams. 

Soon, days turned into months, and months turned into years. In this phase, societal and family pressure increased for an income source. So, Aman started tutoring, but soon COVID-19 hit in 2019, and everything came to a standstill.

Aman's Curiosity towards Data Science

With lockdown everywhere, like everybody else, Aman busied himself browsing too. It so happened that Aman tried to make a purchase but did not. Later on, that product was displayed on every site Aman visited. 

Like Sir Newton pondering over an apple, Aman thought only about this situation. As he started digging, he gradually got directed toward Data Science. It is this data science profession or, in this context, a data analyst who is using Aman’s browsing data and trying to direct him to make the product purchase.

Aman’s Journey in Data Science

Aman desperately wanted to pursue a Data Science course and started researching the training centres. He zeroed in on OdinSchool and enrolled himself in training.

Aman’s non-IT education made him feel very anxious about programming and underconfident at the beginning. But, soon, his anxiety was put to rest by the trainers at OdinSchool, who could be contacted anytime for a 1-1 interaction. They explained to him in detail and gave him different resources to understand. He kept submitting the assignments and worked on his shortfalls as guided by the mentors. Soon, Aman became a PRO. 

Aman’s Interview Experience

Though he worked on many projects all by himself at OdinSchool, he was getting rejected. Aman’s pain point was that he was not able to explain his projects in depth to the interviewer. 

After introspection, Aman realized he was trying to project his weak subject (Python) as his strong point because it carries more weight. He flipped the story and worked on his strength (Power BI). He designed his own project using Power BI with exclusive guidance from the instructors and mentors at OdinSchool. 

Finally, when he appeared for the interview, Aman nailed it in the first round because he played on his strengths. Moreover, OdinSchool’s workshops on behavioral skills and their mock interviews had prepared him for the best and worst.

Aman’s Tips to Crack Data Science Interviews

My advice/roadmap for every non-tech graduate to become a successful Data Engineer

  • You don't have to be very strong in coding to become a data analyst.

  • Start your journey by learning SQL rather than Python, and once you are strong with the basics of SQL, your confidence will increase then go for Python. 

  • Please do not study the advanced levels of either SQL or Python initially and overwhelm yourself.

  • After studying Python/SQL, get a grip on one of the visualization tools - either Tableau or Power BI.

  • Learning the advanced form of Excel is not mandatory in a data analyst's skillset.

  • Never try to project your weak subject/project as your strong point. Play on your strengths, even if it might not sound very important in an interview.

  • And my final advice would be to never succumb to societal pressure. With determination, anything is possible!

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