Content Manager to Data Analyst with a 282% Salary Hike!

Content Manager to Data Analyst with a 282% Salary Hike!


Prescilla Vincent's data science transition highlights the power of dedication. After her computer science degree, she entered a dull content management role. Motivated by Python and SQL, she shifted to data analysis. Choosing OdinSchool for its acclaimed curriculum and job support, she excelled. Despite a demanding schedule, with mentorship, she thrived. Prescilla advises newcomers to master Python and SQL basics, excel in EDA, and refine storytelling and behavioral skills.

Prescilla Vincent has successfully transitioned her career into data science. She became an Implementation Analyst at ZeroCodeHR with 282% salary hike. Her story proves that hard work is the key that unlocks the doors of all the possibilities.

OdinGrad - Prescilla success story

Prescilla graduated as a computer science engineer in 2021. 

Prescilla's Navigation Towards Data Science and OdinSchool

After graduation, Prescilla started working in a service-based company as a Content Manager. A few of her daily tasks were reviewing various domains, websites, their javascripts, and monitoring any policy violated content. After some time, in her 10-hr work shift, these tasks became quite monotonous and tedious. 

As a computer science engineer, Prescilla was not able to find value in her work and desperately wanted to change the domain of her work. Her love for Python and SQL made her navigate towards data analysis in data science. 

Prescilla wanted to join a course that could help her learn the subject thoroughly. Her search zeroed in on OdinSchool due to the industry-vetted curriculum, and she was very happy to know about the placement services too.

Prescilla's Journey At OdinSchool

Like most of us, Prescilla also got nervous about the change - career transition decision. Her biggest roadblock was her 10-hr work shift. Moreover, it became mandatory for her to attend the office daily (previously, it was work-from-home). However, she was determined to work hard on her career and to her surprise OdinSchool's mentors also left no stone unturned to support her. 

Every concept was explained in detail with practical examples. The weekly assignments and assessments helped her a lot to pull through the advanced concepts. In addition, the career services team helped her with the mock interviews, profile building and behavioural tests too (it helped her crack the very first interview).

 Prescilla's Advice For All The Freshers

My advice for all the freshers to become a successful Data Analyst

  1. Get your fundamentals on Python and SQL very strong.

  2. The above step should be followed by working on EDA.

  3. Storytelling skill is as important as any other skill. You will be able to convey the story behind the data in better way, highlighting patterns, trends, and correlations that may otherwise go unnoticed.

  4. My interview experience says that working on your behavioural skill is important because it will help you in the HR round. Had OdinSchool not prepared me for the behavioural interview, I would not have succeeded in securing the job.

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