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Python, Nanotechnology, and Data Science: Rajat's Career Success Story

Python, Nanotechnology, and Data Science: Rajat's Career Success Story


This blog follows Rajat Patil's inspiring journey from a mechanical engineering graduate to a successful Data Analyst at TekFriday Processing Solutions. Despite a non-CS background, Rajat discovered Python's potential in data science and joined OdinSchool to enhance his skills. He completed various projects and secured a job at TekFriday. Rajat advises freshers to focus on logic-building capabilities. Join OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp to create your own success story.

Rajat Patil is now a successful Data Analyst at TekFriday Processing Solutions Pvt Ltd, pioneering ground-breaking solutions to the Short-Term Loan Industry in North America.

OdinGrad - Rajat Patil

Rajat Patil, a Bhopal resident, graduated in mechanical engineering in 2019. After acing the GATE exam, he chose to pursue a post-graduation in Nanotechnology. In his final year, Rajat came across Python when it optimised nanomaterials and nanoscale structures for specific applications.

Rajat was fascinated by the language and decided to explore its complexities further. He discovered that Python is extensively used in the field of data science, and he aspired to pursue a career in this area.


Rajat's Journey: From Uncertainty to Success

Now, Rajat was eager to secure a data science job. However, he felt uncertain as to where and how to start his journey, as he is from a non-CS educational background. Determined to gain comprehensive knowledge in this field, he decided to explore professional data science courses that could equip him with the necessary skills.

Rajat came across OdinSchool on YouTube and got inspired by its success stories. Its industry-vetted curriculum and the no-cost EMI factor for the course fees motivated him to join without a second thought. The training schedule was very flexible; whenever he had doubts, he could always discuss them face-to-face with the mentor/instructor. He quickly gained extensive knowledge and completed several projects, including the ability to detect a patient with Coronavirus. He soon attended the placements at OdinSchool and has successfully bagged the job of a data analyst at TekFriday (a dynamic and young company on an aggressive growth path with a goal to put a mark on the Alternative Financial Services domain).

Rajat's Advice For Freshers

  1. Don't fret about gaining a hundred percent Python and statistics knowledge; rather, work on your logic-building capability.

  2. OdinSchool gives its best to every student regarding knowledge, training and placements. However, a goal can only be scored when a student also puts in equal effort.

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