Difference Between Java And Javascript |Programming

Difference Between Java And Javascript |Programming


Java and JavaScript are two distinct programming languages with some similarities but significant differences. Java is a high-level language used for client-server web applications and must be compiled into machine language before execution. It focuses on removing programming errors and offers features like generics and I/O. On the other hand, JavaScript is a script language used to create interactive effects within web pages. It is written to HTML documents and executed through web browsers. JavaScript is popular for building server-side software and web applications and requires less memory compared to Java.

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For communicating instructions to machines, programming languages serve as building blocks. Java is a high-level programming language currently being owned by Oracle. JavaScript is an interpreted language maintained by Mozilla and its trademark is owned by oracle. Both Java and JavaScript refer to the same language OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), they use same control structures, operators etc; and comments of JavaScript are same as Java. Despite these similarities they differ in various aspects. A few of them are listed below:


  • Java is a programming language that intends to remove those language features that lead to programming errors.

  • It makes the language suitable for use on the web with its different features such as generics, I/O, Serialization etc.

  • It has a class-based model (class orientation) where classes of objects are defined to achieve inheritance.

  • Java must be converted into machine language before it is run on the web to make alterations if any.

  • This programming language is popularly being used for client-server web applications.

  • Java can be installed through executable program file such as IFTW(Install From The Web)

  • This program is executed in 5 steps: Edit- Compile- Load- Verify- Execute.

  • It can be disabled in chrome by finding Java in the program list and uninstalling it. It can also be disabled through Java Control Panel.

  • Java program uses more memory (computer) to function properly.


  • JavaScript is a script language that helps the site authors to develop attractive sites with good content by interacting with HTML source code.

  • It creates interactive effects within the web such as ‘linked-to-page’ appearing in the pop up window.

  • It has a prototype based model where inheritance might vary for single objects.

  • JavaScript is written to a HTML document and is run through a browser and then alterations are made.

  • This script language is popularly being used for building server-side software, desktop-like web applications etc.

  • JavaScript can be installed by following different instructions for various browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.

  • The execution context in this program includes 2stages: Creation and Activation stage.

  • It can be disabled simply by following different instructions for various browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer etc.

  • This requires less memory and is therefore used in many web pages.

As Java includes internationalization features it is a commonly used programming language; as JavaScript does not require a compiler or editor if we have a web browser it is considered as the easiest language to learn. Therefore it can be noticed that Java and JavaScript are equally beneficial in their respective areas of requirement with varying features.


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