Top Companies Hiring Full Stack Engineers in 2023

Top Companies Hiring Full Stack Engineers in 2023


The demand for full-stack developers is soaring, resulting in high placement rates for recent graduates and individuals with full-stack programming course backgrounds.

This blog explains the variations in salaries based on different factors like experience, skills, and location that influence the compensation. It also explains as to why this course should be learnt from a technical bootcamp.

There is a strong demand for full-stack developers due to the growing demand for their services, so much so that businesses have begun hiring full stack developers who have recently graduated from college or finished a full stack programming course as freshmen. 

Full-stack developer positions are receiving 100% placement, despite the fact that this may seem like a tall order given their adaptability and extensive skill set. 

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Insatiable Demand Continues, and Salary Soars!

One of the highest-paid career positions in India is unquestionably that of a full stack developer. However, it should be remembered that a variety of criteria, including experience, skills, location, and company, determine salary. (the below data is obtained from

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Salary Based on the Employer

According to job portals like Glassdoor, Indeed, Linkedin, and Payscale, the following are some of the organizations actively scouting for Full Stack Developers:

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Salary Based on Experience

It is indisputable that experience is a major factor in determining your wage. You have an advantage over many new applicants if you have extensive experience. Here is a graph that shows the full stack engineer salary variations with the number of years of experience,

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Salary Based on Your Skills

The number of skills a developer is trained in has several effects on their income as a full-stack web developer. Of course, it is not just the quantity but also the quality.

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Salary Based on Industry

The demand for full stack developer is increasing in every industry. Below is a graph showing the average salary in different industries.

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Currently, location is a significant determinant of full stack job salary in India like Mumbai stands out as the city offering the highest salaries, with web developers earning around 27% more than their counterparts in other cities.

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Career Scope of a Full Stack Developer in India

Even in lockdown when people were out of jobs in 2020, full-stack developers were in full demand.

38% of hiring managers say it’s the #1 role to fill. There are about 20,000 Full-stack Developer Jobs available in India, according to alone. This position's high demand and customizable responsibilities open a lot of options for both the organization and the person.

Key Factors to Choose Full Stack Developer as Your Profession


  1. High Market Value

    The new face of web development and technology is the full-stack developer role. Each and every outstanding marketer wants to employ a full-stack developer, a versatile developer for themselves.

  2. Good Pay

    There is no denying in the escalated graph of a full stack developer salary. Employers understand their wide range and expertise in working, which requires great pay. Hence, the money and passion debate will not be much of a big problem in this field.

  3. Limited Workforce

    Many developers put themselves under the category of a full stack developer but quite few could actually perform this versatile job. Therefore, if you feel you are good at it, there are not many of you. So go for this position where people are willing to hire you. 

  4. Multifaceted Market

    Multi-National Companies want to hire developers who work beyond one simple specialization, for which full stack developer is the best fit. 

  5. Greater Responsibility

    The skill to tend to both sides of a website or application, the client-side as well as the server-side gives them an edge over other developers. This makes them a jack of all trades allowing them to understand many concepts at once, which equates to better productivity. 

  6. Growth is perpetual

    Growth is constant in full stack development. As a full-stack developer is not a specialized developer, there will always be points and opportunities for learning. This will equip you for better productivity, and versatility, and open you to more job options.


Bottom Line

Full Stack Development is the best career prospect today in the tech sector with unlimited growth and scope. All you need to do is get cracking on your skill set by joining a good full stack course.

Certification From Professional Course

Full stack development encompasses various intricate aspects that warrant expert guidance for effective learning.

A professional web development course with industry-vetted curriculum can provide you with the right set of skills and exposure to meet the market demand. At OdinSchool's Full Stack Developer Course, the curriculum is updated to ensure that you pick up the most relevant skills. Additionally, you can participate in 15+ projects and collaborate with business leaders to gain the necessary practical experience.


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