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Data Science Course in Hyderabad

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Live instructor-led bootcamp

Live instructor-led bootcamp

 6 months

Job readiness in 6 months

Project-based  learning

Project-based learning

Unlimited  job opportunities

Unlimited job opportunities

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Upcoming Cohort

30 Mar 2024

Bootcamp Fee

₹ 75,000 + GST

Scholarships Available
Early Bird Offer
Up To ₹10,000
Limited to the first 100 seats
ZS 100x40
IBM 100X40
Symphony retail 100X40
prolifics-100X40 Individual
Mouritech INDIVIDUAL 100 X40
Bodhtree INDIVIDUAL 100 X40
Google Individual 100 x40-1
Bizacuity INDIVIDUAL 100 X40
Tech Mahindra100X40
BC Forward100X40
Synchrony INDIVIDUAL 100 X40
Deloitte_100X40 (1) (1)
genpact 100X40
Bits Pilani individual 100x40 (1)
TCS100X40 Individual
Cognizant_100X40 (1)
Cheil 100x40
datafactz100X40 Individual (1)
Linde INDIVIDUAL 100 X40 (1)
celebal 100X40
Rohm INDIVIDUAL 100 X40 (2)
MM Mott Macdonald_100X40
Health care 100x40
M square Media 100x40
CtrlS_100X40 (1)
Helical 100X40 Individual
Meesho 100x40 individual
Marsh 100x 40 Individual
Fission Labs_100X40
Bimtech 100x40 individual (1)
Startindia Individual 100 x40
Think Evolve individual 100x40
Fusion 100x40
Siemens 100x40 grid
accenture Individual 100 x40-1
Follo Individual 100 x40
Kelloggs  100X40
Mangosteen 100 x40 gird
Analyttica Individual 100 x40
THE ALPHA GROUP Individual 100 x40
Boord 100x40 individual (1)
Sg Analytics 100 x 40 individual
Saarthi Individual 100 x40
AUREUS Individual 100 x40
EC-COUNCIL Individual 100 x40
KSAC Individual 100 x40
Course5i 100x40
Morgan Stanley Individual 100 x40
aspecscire Individual 100 x40
Expedia Individual 100 x40
4crisk.ai 100X40 individual
Dss+ Individual 100 x40
Think Evolve grid 100x40
Dynata Individual 100 x40
Flipkart 200x80 grid

Hear from your peers who’ve been successfully placed.





Data Engineer


Sr. Recruitment Advisor

Data Engineer

""Hi, I'm Akhil. I'm working as a Data Engineer at Aspectsites Pvt. Ltd. OdinSchool has helped me transition from a non-technical background to Data Science and get placed at AspectSites. Their career services is commendable and very helpful.""

Career Transition


Vijaya Rani


prolifics-100X40 Individual

Data Engineer


Assistant Manager

Data Engineer

""I am from a non-technical background with a three-year career gap. I stumbled upon OdinSchool when I was looking for an opportunity to change my career path. Their mentors have excellent teaching skills, and they shaped my future as a Software Engineer at Prolifics.""

Career Upgrade





Lead-Data Analytics


Quality Analyst

Lead-Data Analytics

""OdinSchool is one of the best institutes for a Data Science Professional Bootcamp. I have been trained on several in-demand technology tools going on in the market. OdinSchool has a 24/7 support team covering Technical skills and Behavioral skills.""

Career Upgrade





IND Analyst


Process Executive

IND Analyst

"Enrolling in this data science bootcamp was a game-changer. My journey from a professor to a software engineer wouldn't have been possible without this bootcamp. It has equipped me with the tools to excel in my career."

Career Upgrade





Software Engineer E2


Student Recruitment Advisor

Software Engineer E2

" "Data Science applications are found in all fields. This gave me the confidence to apply for OdinSchool's Bootcamp although I am from a non-technical background. The support from the mentors is unparalleled!""

Career Transition

Pranesh (1) (1)




Data Analyst


Associate Claims

Data Analyst

""OdinSchool's projects gave me the hands-on experience I needed. I was able to change my career path and successfully start my Data Science journey with Indegene in just 6 months.""

Career Transition





Research Associate


Central Processing Associate Manager

Research Associate

" "While working at ICICI, I saw the multiple applications of data analysis and machine learning. My experience with OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp was great. The curriculum is up-to-date and their placement support is commendable.""

Career Upgrade

Naveen cheedi




Implementation Analyst


Senior Reliability Analyst

Implementation Analyst

""I love data and hence, followed my passion to pursue Data Science as a career option. I haven't regretted the career transition one bit. Cheers to Team OdinSchool!""

Career Upgrade




Senior Analyst


Single Window Operator

Senior Analyst

" "I was a full-time mother and had a career gap of 6 years. I was apprehensive about re-entering the workforce. But, OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp is very thorough. Their career services and mock interviews helped me relaunch my career." "

Career Upgrade

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Data Science job opportunities available to our learners
₹40 LPA
Highest Package
₹8 LPA
Median Package

Top Job Roles

Data Engineer
AI Engineer
Backend Engineer

A weekly round-up of job opportunities

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16 Feb 2024 | 545 Jobs Available

Top companies hiring our learners this week - Pi Data Centre, 4Crisk, and AB InBev

Skills Required
Deep Learning
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09 Feb 2024 | 535 Jobs

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01 Feb 2024 | 540 Jobs

video thumbnail

19 Jan 2024 | 545 Jobs

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Career Services in a nutshell

Get ready for your dream job! Attend comprehensive job readiness training with Career Services.

Learn workplace skills to never feel out of place at work.

Learn workplace skills to never feel out of place at work.

Your working style and behavior decide if you are a good cultural fit. Learn workplace skills so you never feel out of place at work.

Sell your skills, and sell them well. 

Sell your skills, and sell them well. 

You are halfway there if you have a great resume and an optimized online presence. Work with our experts to build your professional profiles.

No more pre-interview jitters. Attend mock interviews!

No more pre-interview jitters. Attend mock interviews!

Get a grip on those pre-interview nerves. Test and practice your skills with mock interview sessions.

Power ahead in your career with Career Services

This is not a job guarantee program.
We offer top-notch live classes, mentorship, projects, and career services, including dedicated placement assistance with our 500+ hiring partners.

While we are committed to your success, please note that we do not offer a job guarantee. Your effort and dedication are essential to achieving success, and we encourage you to make the most of the opportunities we provide. We are here to support you every step of the way.
Resume Building
Resume Building

Mock interviews
Mock interviews

Behavioral Skills Workshop
Behavioral Skills Workshop

Online Profile Building
Online Profile Building

Industry Interaction
Industry Interaction

Unlimited Job Opportunities
Unlimited Job Opportunities

Get unlimited  interview opportunities for 2 years!

An ever-increasing pool of hiring companies, with no limit on the number of interviews you can attend!

The most in-demand skills in a single Data Science Bootcamp curriculum!

Designed in consultation with the industry, the curriculum for our online Data Science Course is updated monthly so you can be productive from day 1!

Core Modules

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a powerful tool used in the management and manipulation of data within relational database systems. Databases are essential in modern computing, serving as repositories for structured information that can be easily accessed, queried, and manipulated. In this module, we will explore key SQL concepts, from creating databases and tables to advanced operations like subqueries and common table expressions (CTEs).

Advanced SQL skills are essential for those working with complex data and databases. In the realm of advanced SQL, data professionals and analysts delve deeper into the intricacies of data manipulation, utilizing a range of sophisticated techniques and functions to extract valuable information from complex datasets. Here, we explore the advanced SQL concepts and operations that empower data experts to unlock the full potential of their databases.

In today's digital landscape, Python has emerged as a powerhouse programming language, revolutionizing the way we develop software, conduct data analysis, and automate tasks. Its versatility, readability, and a vast ecosystem of libraries have made Python an indispensable tool for programmers, data scientists, and professionals across various domains. In this exploration, we will delve into Python's significance in the modern era, its integrated development environments (IDEs), and fundamental programming concepts.

Python, known for its versatility and simplicity, is not limited to basic programming tasks. It provides a robust platform for handling complex data manipulations, database management, and more. In this module we will delve into some advanced topics in Python that empower developers to tackle intricate challenges effectively.

Statistics is a cornerstone of data-driven decision-making across diverse domains. By mastering these fundamental statistical concepts and techniques, individuals and professionals gain the ability to extract meaningful insights, validate hypotheses, and make informed choices in an increasingly data-centric world. Whether analyzing survey results, conducting scientific research, or optimizing business processes, statistics offers a powerful set of tools to navigate the complexities of data and enhance our understanding of the world around us. In this module, we will explore key statistical concepts and techniques, paving the way for a deeper understanding of data science as a whole.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) serves as the compass in a data scientist's journey, providing essential guidance through the intricacies of a dataset. By systematically examining data, we unveil patterns, understand data quality, and prepare it for more advanced analyses. Here, we explore the fundamental steps of EDA, illuminating the path to insightful data-driven decisions.

Machine learning is a dynamic field that empowers us to extract insights, make predictions, and automate decision-making processes using data. By understanding the core concepts and algorithms, data scientists and practitioners can harness the power of ML to solve a wide range of real-world problems, from predictive analytics to pattern recognition and beyond. In this module, we will embark on a journey through the exciting landscape of ML, touching upon key concepts and algorithms.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the practice of transforming raw data into meaningful insights that inform strategic decisions. It encompasses a comprehensive life cycle of data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting. Power BI, a leading BI tool, equips organizations with a powerful platform to transform data into actionable information. Here, we delve into the key components, features, and skill sets required for successful Power BI utilization.

In the world of software development and collaboration, Git and GitHub play pivotal roles. Git is a distributed version control system that allows developers to track changes in their code, while GitHub provides a platform for hosting and sharing Git repositories. Here, we introduce the basics of Git and GitHub, from installation to key commands and workflows.

Get behind the prompts and unpack how a Generative AI model gets built. Understand concepts like Large Language Models, Transformers, Prompts and Training. Importantly, explore tools that let you build applications using State of The Art models without building from scratch.

Hugging Face is a machine learning (ML) and data science platform and community that helps users to build, deploy and train machine learning models. It provides the infrastructure to demo, run and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in live applications. At the core of Hugging Face's offerings is the Transformers library, which has revolutionized the way we work with NLP models. We will explore what Hugging Face is, its key components, and how it has reshaped the NLP landscape.

Gradio is a Python library that revolutionizes the way we interact with machine learning models and AI applications. Designed to make AI accessible to a broader audience, Gradio simplifies the process of creating intuitive interfaces for machine learning models, allowing users to interact with AI systems effortlessly. We will dive into what Gradio is, how to install it, and how to create and customize simple Gradio interfaces.

Bonus Modules

Starting from Azure fundamentals, you would learn how to get Data from Azure storage, create live connections and use the ‘What if’. Deepen your knowledge of Power Query with the advanced editor, Optimizing DAX and using paginated reports. Learn Advanced Power BI service with Apps and Deployment pipelines.

In the world of Data Analytics it’s not enough to dig out insights from Data. It’s important to drive action using these insights by offering a compelling narrative. This is where Storytelling comes in; how do you offer a context to the problems and opportunities that came up as a result of the Analysis done and showcase the impact.

Go beyond the classroom and pick up cookbook recipes for real world challenges in this extras series for SQL as you prepare for interviews and recruitment tests.

Go beyond the classroom and pick up cookbook recipes for real world challenges in this extras series for Python as you prepare for interviews and recruitment tests.

Understand the layers of Snowflake's architecture: storage, computing, and services. Learn how these layers work together to provide a scalable and flexible data warehousing solution.

Learn to use the Databricks community edition, pick up core Databricks concepts, using the notebook, creating and managing clusters, DBFS and utilities. Master Dataframe transformations, mounting Azure Datalake Storage, and Databricks SQL.

Go beyond ChatGPT and leverage the power of GPT4 to build applications that use OpenAI’s APIs to build customer facing applications solving specific problems.

Learn from the basics of ADF, its interface, components, and resource creation. Explore Data movement, transformation, and pipelines. Master Scheduling and chaining pipelines and Azure SQL.

Learn Data Analysis using Excel - formulas, macros, pivots, power pivots, power query and building reports. Build and design interactive dashboards.

Understand Language constructs from a model training point of view. Explore tokenization, lemmatization, stemming, and tagging Parts of Speech. Learn Named Entity Recognition, TF/IDF, language model, word corpuses. Build models and train them to achieve summarization, completing, and translation tasks.

Learn Neural networks, training the model, back propagation and knowledge transfer. Explore applications of CNNs and RNNs, and understand Image recognition, natural language processing and speech recognition.

R is a powerful programming language and an open-source software widely used for statistical analysis and data visualization. Its significance extends across various fields, making it a valuable tool for researchers, data scientists, and analysts. Learn R from the basics.

Traditional Big Data tools have given way to PySpark for the Ease of Use and Data processing capabilities. Learn how to build ETL pipelines, building workflows, jobs, and optimization for real time streaming data.

Career Acceleration Skills

Effective communication is the bedrock of success in any profession. These sessions offer a comprehensive curriculum to sharpen your communication skills, ensuring you can convey your thoughts and ideas with confidence and clarity.

Under the much needed awareness of learning in today's world, we delve into the art of effective learning. Discover the science behind efficient study techniques, information retention, and continuous skill acquisition. Gain the edge in your career by mastering the skill of learning itself.

Confidence is the cornerstone of success. Our confidence-building session explores practical strategies to boost self-assurance, enhance your communication skills, and project a strong, professional image in any situation.

Emotional intelligence is a key driver of effective leadership and teamwork. Explore the depths of self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills in this session, enabling you to navigate professional relationships with finesse.

Time is a precious resource, and mastering its management is vital. Our time management session equips you with strategies to prioritize tasks, set achievable goals, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Innovation is at the heart of success. Develop problem-solving prowess and foster creativity through design thinking methodologies. Learn how to tackle challenges with a systematic and innovative approach.


Expressjs 100x40
GitHub 100x40
Power Bi
Tensor Flow
Data Bricks
Chat GPT
Hugging Face
Get placement opportunities up to 2 years!

Prep well for your dream job

Attend comprehensive job readiness training along with your technical training.

Learn Data Science while you:


clarify doubts live


practise in Labs


receive project presentation guidance and evaluation


interact with industry veterans

Increased Employee Retention Rate

attend communication and aptitude training


take quizzes

Profile Building

build and optimize your resume and other professional profiles


learn workplace behavioral skills

Get support every step of your way

What’s a great curriculum without
project-based learning?

Engage in 10+ Data Science Bootcamp projects and work with instructors to master the art of project presentation.

COVID-19 Prediction


Develop a predictive model that can accurately identify the likelihood of COVID-19 infection

Use classification models like SVM, Gradient Boosting, and KNN.





Credit Card Approval


Help banks find potential customers to give out credit cards to by building an ML model

Use classification models like Logistic Regression, and XGBoost Classifier.

ML Models




Health Insurance Prediction


Build a predictive ML model to increase the accuracy of health insurance prediction

Use regression models like Linear Regression, Random Forest, XGboost.





Bank Term Deposit


Build an ML model to to predict whether a customer would subscribe to bank term deposit

Use classification models like Logistic Regression and Naive Bayes Classifier.





Customer Churn Rate Prediction


Predict churn rates using data collection, preparation, analysis, and visualization

Analyze data, take proactive measures to retain customers, and monitor results.





California Housing Price Prediction


Uncover California's housing market trends effortlessly with powerful Python libraries

Explore location, size, income, amenities and more.




Regression Model

Join our Data Science Course to learn the most
in-demand skills and technologies!

Why OdinSchool is your gateway to a Data Science job

OdinSchool OdinSchool
Live Online Classes
Live online classes led by instructors
Bootcamp Price
Very high value for money
Updated every month as per industry requirements
Not up-to-date
Industry-aligned projects with project presentation guidance
Not industry-aligned
Mock Interviews
With a dedicated team of experts
Career Services
Extensive services, including resume-building and behavioral skills workshops
A dedicated support team
Placement Opportunities
Unlimited interview opportunities
Limited opportunities
Salary Negotiation
For higher salaries

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Student reviews and industry recognitions

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1,300 Reviews

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5031 Reviews
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Upcoming Cohort

₹ 75,000 + GST

Scholarships Available

No cost EMIs start at ₹6,392 per month. 3, 6, 9, 12 months EMI option available.

Our Financing Partners:

FeeMonk-HighRes-Logo-100_X_40eduvanz 100x40 Liquiloans INDIVIDUAL 100 X40

*If you wish to withdraw from the Bootcamp within the first 10 days, your fee will be fully refunded.

Meet our mentors and speakers!

Dr. Mohit Sewak

Dr. Mohit Sewak

Principal Applied AI Researcher

PhD in Data Science
QiO_Technologies_100X40_indv IBM 100X40
Saurabh Ray

Saurabh Ray

Data Scientist

PhD in Data Science
accenture_Individual_100_x40_1 Digizura_100X40_indv
Dr. Debojyoti Roy

Dr. Debojyoti Roy

Chief Data Scientist

PhD in Data Science
Manish Kumar Singh

Manish Kumar Singh

Data Scientist

PhD in Data Science
ola_100X40_indv MU_sigma_100X40_indv
Sarveshwaran Rajagopal

Sarveshwaran Rajagopal

Sr. Data Scientist

PhD in Data Science
Nagaraju Chikoti

Nagaraju Chikoti

Sr. Product Engineer

PhD in Data Science
Fedex_100X40_indv Wipro_100X40_indv
Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar

Principal Data Scientist

Ex-VP, Morgan<br>Stanley | Ex-VP,<br>JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley Individual 100 x40 JP Morgan 100X40 grid
Anand Narayanan

Anand Narayanan


Ex-GM, Bosch<br>Ex-VP,<br>Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs 100X40 grid Bosch_100X40_indiidual
Murlidhar Bhekane

Murlidhar Bhekane

Staff Data Engineer

PhD in Data Science
Intuit_India_100X40_indv Hewlett-Packard_100X40_indv
Avinash Mishra

Avinash Mishra

Data Science Manager

PhD in Data Science
Rakuten_100X40_indv Catalina_Marketing_100X40_indv
Dr. Chiranjiv Roy

Dr. Chiranjiv Roy

VP, Data Science

Forbes Technology Council Member | Ex-Principal Data Scientist, Mercedes-Benz
Mecedes-Benz 100X40 grid Forbes_technology_individual_100X40
Abidunnisa Begum

Abidunnisa Begum

Lead Instructor

Ex-Research<br>Scientist, GenTox<br>Research
Derisk360 100X40 indv Quantumics.Ai 100X40 indv
Vishal Jain

Vishal Jain


Ex-Product Owner, Infosys,<br>Ex-Technical Lead, <br>IBM
IBM 100X40 grid infosys_100x40_individual
Jyant Mahara

Jyant Mahara

Data Science Lead

PhD in Data Science
accenture_Individual_100_x40_1 Publicis_Sapient_100X40_indv
Rahul Saha

Rahul Saha

Chief Data Scientist

PhD in Data Science
Tech Mahindra100X40 Cognizant_100X40 (1)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bootcamp includes around 500 hours of learning spread across 6 months. We expect you to put in around 15 hours of work on the weekends throughout the duration of the Bootcamp. The time commitment will be toward live classes, team tasks, assignments, quizzes, and project work.

In this Data Science Bootcamp, you will work on around 10+ projects across the core domains of Data Science. Projects are kept updated in line with industry trends; so expect variety.

All of our instructors are industry veterans with extensive core experience in their respective fields. Our instructors also come with a passion to teach and enjoy interacting with students.

The outcome of this Data Science Bootcamp is a job in Data Science. Using multiple projects, we will train you in the essential tools and technologies needed to get a data science job.

All classes are conducted online over the internet using video conferencing solutions like Zoom or Webex. You will require access to the internet (2 Mbps+ recommended) on a computer (preferred) or on a mobile device to attend. Class size may vary depending on the specific cohort. However, we have teaching assistants available to interact in small groups and also conduct one-on-one sessions.

You can clarify doubts right within your lectures from the instructors. Or, you can reach out to us via our discussion forums anytime you get stuck. Your learning will be over our online learning management system available to you anytime, anywhere.

As part of the OdinSchool mentorship program, practicing industry professionals are brought into the bootcamp to interact with students and provide industry insight. Mentors interact with students in groups and in one-to-one sessions providing guidance. Our mentors are very knowledgeable in their subjects and have a passion for helping students.

Placement assistance is provided to all the students who graduate the Bootcamp as per expected performance standards. We start offering placement assistance from the seventh month and continue to offer this assistance up until two years following the bootcamp's start date. Placement opportunities might be available in different cities across India and you are expected to be open to relocating in order to utilize the best placement opportunities.

You will be eligible for the placement assistance if you:

  • Successfully complete the Capstone project within the stipulated time period
  • Successfully clear all the Placement Readiness tests
  • Submit and get all the documents required for placements verified
  • Attend all the interview processes, including the test, technical interviews and other related processes
  • Not reject more than ONE formal company job offer letter
  • Disclose all important information required for standard background checks

OdinSchool is proud to offer top-notch live classes, mentorship, projects, and extensive career services. We also provide dedicated placement assistance through our network of 500+ hiring partners. We're fully committed to your success. However, it's important to understand that our Bootcamp does not offer a job guarantee and that your own effort and dedication are essential to achieving success. We encourage you to work hard and take full advantage of the opportunities we provide, knowing that we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is often called Pearl City. The Charminar is the signature monument of the city. The Golconda Fort, Mecca Masjid, Qutb Shahi Tomb, Birla Mandir, and Salar Jung Museum are places of interest. This city is famous for Biriyani, and whoever comes here does not miss it. Recently, Hyderabad has grown as a hub of IT companies. If you are staying here, then you must enroll in OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp.


  • The average salary of a Data Science Professional is ₹ 8.5 LPA.

    • Entry Level – < 1 year of Experience – ₹ 6 LPA to ₹ 7 LPA
    • Early Career – 1 to 4 years of Experience – ₹ 7.5 LPA to ₹ 10 LPA
    • A Mid Career – 5 to 9 years of Experience – ₹ 10 LPA to ₹ 20 LPA
    • Experienced – More than 10 years of Experience – ₹ 20 LPA to ₹ 30 LPA
Hyderabad Final

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