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Shashank Mishra, Data Engineer, YouTuber | 18 Aug 2023
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About the speaker

Shashank Mishra is a Data Engineer - III at Expedia and a YouTuber. He has previously worked for Amazon, McKinsey, and Paytm. Shashank has solved data mysteries for different domains like Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, FinTech, Telecom, and Employee Services. Shashank is a graduate of NIT Allahabad. His YouTube channel ‘E-Learning Bridge’ has 101,00,000 subscribers and regularly publishes content related to Data Science technologies and job opportunities.


The session starts off with the basic concepts in the domains of Data Engineering and Data Science. Shashank lucidly explains the inevitability of data and the role of Data Engineers using real-world examples. He also discusses the demand for skilled Data Engineers and the various roles and responsibilities of a Data Engineer. 

He points out three pipelines of Data Engineering:

  • Batch Data Pipeline
  • Near Real-Time Pipeline
  • Real-time Data Pipeline

Shashank takes the audience through one of his projects for the United Airlines. His detailed description of this project along with the implementation of the Batch Data pipeline gives the audience more insights into the data engineering landscape.  

Watch the full OdinTalks video to gain more insights into the process of procuring data and delivering it to the end users.

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