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29 Jan 2022

Our Scholarship Students

Faviana Noronha
Developer, Operational AI
Preeti Kunwar
Data Analyst
Symphony Retail AI
Diala Nabeel
Business Analyst
PwC (Jordan)
Dhanashree S
Implementation Analyst
Umme Rubaiyat
Quality Control Analyst

Why Data Science


The top 3 best growing jobs

World Economic Forum says that the top 3 best growing jobs by 2026 will be in Data Science


Millions of jobs available 

Bureau of Labour Statistics says that 11.6 million jobs will be available in Data Science by 2026


Best salary growth 

India Today survey says that people who shift to Data Science get a 40% salary hike on an average

Data is the Future and the Future begins NOW

Everything in the future will be connected to DATA and Cloud - Sundar Pichai, Microsoft CEO

Data Science professionals are not only the need of the hour, but also the need of the future 

OdinGrads work at the top companies

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Get a well-paying Data Science job in 6 months 

OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp

OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp prepares you to get a job in the emerging Data Science domain. 

We offer:

  • Industry-vetted curriculum for up-to-date learning
  • Live weekend classes for an immersive experience
  • Project-based learning for hands-on experience 
  • Mentorship with industry professionals for the "real" feel
  • Career services to assist your career transition 

Implementation Analyst, Zerocode HR

Dhanasree S

"I completed my B.Sc in Computer Science in 2020 and wanted to work for a few years before going ahead with Masters. Data science seemed promising for a fresher like me and I joined OdinSchool. Landing the role of implementation analyst at ZeroCode HR is exciting. I get to work with a team that makes digital applications accessible to Human Resource professionals with a global clientele. Working on data science projects at OdinSchool prepared me well for my job responsibilities and contributed greatly to my skill set."