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Posts by Amarja Puranam:

5 Top Skills That Make You A Sure Shot Programmer

Top Five Skills That Make You A Sure Shot Programmer

I got this really funny image on a whatsapp chat as a forward. What do you make of it?

This and many other similar jokes on the internet can lead you to think that programmers are this bunch of nerds who hardly have a reality check. On the contrary, they have a reality check. A mighty good one at that! I mean, who else you will go to but a programmer if you want your computers to do what you want them to do! These are the guys who write, design, test, debug and maintain the source code;...

7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A New Role

Seven Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A New Role

You got yourself an interview. You prepared and appeared for the interview. You landed the job. You have the offer. Congratulations! You are in a position that is enviable for many people out there. Now comes the tricky question of whether you should accept the offer or not. Naturally, there are factors that you need to consider. Pay scale, perks, and promotions are just some of the questions that arise. There are more critical aspects that go a long way in building a satisfying career. Let’s...

Machine Learning For A Stronger IoT Security Environment

Internet of Things was a not-so-popular term just a few years ago. Many people did not hear about it. A lot many didn’t even know that it was soon going to be part of their everyday lives in the form of devices. Today IoT devices are a normal feature. Wearable devices like Fitbit are not just health indicators but also fashion quotients.

IoT devices are everywhere and in every sphere – homes, agricultural fields, automobile sector, health care and medical fields, education, the list is really...

The Next Stop For Big Data In Travel Industry

The Next Stop For Big Data In Travel Industry |Big Data

Big Data is probably the biggest generational shift in technology. It has impacted all segments of industry. It has been instrumental in driving better ROI for all kinds of companies. The benefits of Big Data for a better ROI are no longer left for guests. There is a lot of data to prove this. The emergence of various Big Data companies dedicated to specific services for specific industry segments further proves this.

One such industry which has benefited immensely from Big Data is the travel...

How Best To Do Data Visualization

Data Visualization: How Best To Do It

Big Data Analytics has made understanding data easier than ever before. The amount of data generated now is ten folds than that a few years ago. In fact, it is much more than ten folds. Drawing inferences and insights into patterns related to a business are both efficient and effective, thanks to Big Data Analytics. While it is exciting to know the minute details that good data can provide, it is also taxing to understand how best to present it. This is exactly what Data Visualization deals...

C++ and C#: Which Programming Language is Right for You?

Choosing Between C++ and C#

The world of programmers is a dynamic one. Good programmers can create wonders with the right kind of language used for the appropriate application. C++ and C# are two such languages that are used by programmers extensively.

What to learn first between C++ and C#, as a programming language, is not an easy question to answer. The reason is simple. Both C# and C++ have brilliant uses. They both are in demand. Both of them have specific uses that the other cannot fulfill in totality.

Here’s what...


SQL vs NoSQL Databases: Understanding the Key Differences

SQL and NoSQL are mainly databases. SQL is a relational database and NoSQL are non-relational databases. It is important to note that NoSQL databases do not mean “No to SQL”, it means “not only SQL”. Both these databases do the same thing, which is store data. They are different primarily in the way they store data. They are both relevant today and have their own uses. Neither is superior to the other, it’s just the way that these databases are used that make them most relevant to a particular...

Benefits Of Big Data For A Better ROI

Benefits Of Big Data For A Better ROI |Big Data

Anything to do with Big Data is always big! Be it the hype around it, the volume of data or the number of Google searches. Yes, these two words “Big Data “ throw a staggering 277 million results on Google! That’s definitely a big number!

These numbers lead us to curiosity and we get to hear questions such as:

  • Are the benefits of Big Data equally big?
  • Does Big Data impact the ROI of an entity big time?
  • Does Big Data actually convert into measurable results?
  • Is the hype and hoopla surrounding...