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Posts by Deepak Kumar:

13 Most in-Demand Data Science Skills

As the need for Data Science professionals grow, the field offers both aspiring professionals and seasoned workers an appealing career path. This includes people who aren't data scientists but are captivated with data and data science, leading them to wonder what big data skills and data science skills are required to seek careers in data science.

Ace Your Data Science Interview | Exploring Roles

Many data science applicants are under the assumption that there is only one role in Data Science (Data Analyst) in the entire field which is just not true. Times have changed and now we have ‘n’ number of roles and responsibilities associated with Data Science. Some of them are as follows:

A Complete Guide on Exploratory Data Analysis

Data is an essential feature of every organization. Data Quality plays an important role, and it helps organizations to make better decisions. Data Science uses scientific approaches, procedures, algorithms, and frameworks to extract knowledge and insight from a vast amount of data. The data can be either structured or unstructured.

Machine Learning Role in Data Science

The Role of Machine Learning in Data Science

Data Science is a field that studies data and employs a series of methods, algorithms, systems, and tools to extract insights from structured and unstructured data. That knowledge then gets applied to businesses, government, and other bodies to assist in driving profits, innovating products and services, building better infrastructure, public systems, and more.