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Posts by James Powell:

9 Must-Have Data Analysis Tools To Create Dashing Business Reports

Nine Must Have Data Analysis Tools To Create Dashing Business Reports

Business decisions of today rely on the latest trends in the market. The advances in technology have led to rapid growth. This, in turn, has led to companies generating data on a large scale. Data analysts process this data to get insightful reports. If you are a big data professional or data scientist, you will be working with large datasets on a daily basis.

Numeric calculations, graphs, formulas are used to create a structured format from raw data. Employers are willing to pay analysts with...

Skills To Become A Data Engineer Now

Become A Data Engineer Now: Skills To Future Proof Your Career

We live in an era of digital technology where information is key. The vast amounts of data on the internet have become an area of study we now call "Big Data". So what exactly is big data, and how is it useful?

"Big Data" refers to large sets of data generated by various sources. Different internet sites, web apps, and company information generate vast data. These large amounts of data can be structured or unstructured.

Impact of Big Data

How can "Big Data" impact any business? Let us see...