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Posts by Raktim Sharma:

9 Types of Hypothesis Testing for Six Sigma Data Analysis

Hypothesis testing is a statistical technique that tells us whether the tests of our experiment have shown any meaningful results. After hypothesis testing, you can tell whether the test results have happened due to pure chance or a significant intervention. If it is down to chances, it will be difficult or impossible to replicate the results. However, if it is due to a particular instance, knowledge of that will enable us to replicate the results time and again.

Top 8 Trends in IT You Need to Know

Top 8 Trending Technologies in IT You Need to Know

The latest trending technologies in IT are a topic of interest for anyone remotely related to this field, given its dynamic nature. The forever evolving areas that comprise IT constantly show signs of trending technologies, with industry experts spotting and pointing them out. Global advisory companies like Gartner write reports that highlight top trending technologies that eventually change the face of IT. 

As a pioneer in tech education, GreyCampus remains in pursuit of emerging as well as...

Practice these Questions If Looking for Software Testing Jobs

Looking for Software Testing Jobs? Practice these Questions!

Many become a bundle of nerves as they prepare for the interview. With every passing day, you start imagining how things can go wrong and end up getting the heebie-jeebies. 

Well, not anymore! In this article, you’ll find a bunch of software testing interview questions that you can prepare ahead of time to pass with flying colors.

Start preparing with these 20 Selenium interview questions.

Why Is The Role of Software Tester So Important?

It is proudly claimed that software testers don’t...