Product Support Executive Transformed Into A Data Scientist!

Product Support Executive Transformed Into A Data Scientist!


Sourav Karmakar, now a thriving data scientist at Tiger Analytics, has significantly increased his salary, nearly six times his previous earnings. Beginning as an electrical engineering graduate, he started his career as a support executive at TCS with a mere salary. After feeling stuck due to monotonous work and limited growth, he switched to Cognizant. However, similar work culture and rigid hours prompted him to explore alternatives. Learning Python during bench time, he became passionate about the language and transitioned to data science. Sourav's journey was supported by OdinSchool BootCamp, helping him excel in his subjects and job interviews. He advises fellow data science aspirants to overcome educational background hurdles with dedication and effort.

Sourav Karmakar is now a successful data scientist with Tiger Analytics, drawing almost 6 times the salary he used to get before the transition.


Sourav Karmakar is an electrical engineer graduate. As soon as he graduated, he joined TCS as a support executive with 3.21 LPA. After 3 years of work, it became quite monotonous, and the hike also got stagnant, which made him switch immediately. Next, he joined Cognizant with a little hike in salary. He soon realized that the work culture was almost similar, and on top of it, the fixed working hours policy was restricting, as employees couldn't log out even after completing their work.

Upon joining Cognizant, Sourav found himself on the bench, which added to his anxiety. Determined to make productive use of his free time, he took the initiative to learn the Python programming language. In his quest to improve his skills, he accessed the systems of absent employees, enabling him to learn and practice Python during his idle hours.

How Sourav Headed for Data Science?

Sourav developed a strong passion for Python and desired to work with it more frequently. However, he was given the tiresome and repetitive data migration task at his job, which made him consider changing industries. He sought out industries that heavily utilized Python, and his search led him to data science. Sourav felt confident in the switch since he was now highly knowledgeable in Python and SQL. He aimed to become a data scientist as his interest lay where he could predict an outcome using the analysed data.

Sourav had high ambitions and desired to enrol in a professional data science course to acquire advanced knowledge in the field and secure job opportunities. All his queries got answered by the OdinSchool BootCamp. He could learn advanced concepts like machine learning with much clarity. 

This is one of the best decisions I have made by joining OdinSchool. I say so because its curriculum is as per the industry standards and gets updated almost every month, unlike other data science courses in the market. I also feel thankful for the placement support team efforts who teach and do everything possible for a student's successful journey.

Sourav's Interview Experience

Sourav attended many interviews, which included PwC India, Huawei, Genpact etc. Below are the insights he wanted to share with all the data science aspirants,

  1. The first round generally consists of basic definitions and crucial concept explanations. This is more of an ice-breaking round. The Random Forest concept is pretty important, so you might want to learn it thoroughly.

  2. Questions on statistics, probability, python and SQL follow this. The level of the questions is most easy-medium level.

  3. 2nd/3rd round of the interview is about your project, which is the most important part of the interview. It doesn't matter if you have only 1 project to show. Make your explanation as thorough and professional as possible.

Final Say

To all the data science aspirants, I would like to say that please don't get bogged down by your non-CS/IT educational background. Your success depends on your level of commitment and effort.

Inspired by Sourav's story? A hands-on industry-oriented Data Science Course can help you map out your roadmap and build a successful career. Get started with OdinSchool now by connecting with a career counsellor.

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