The unseen shift from being a happy-go-lucky guy to a Data Scientist

The unseen shift from being a happy-go-lucky guy to a Data Scientist


Shobhit's journey from being a carefree person to becoming a data scientist at ADA is a testament to resilience. The pandemic's impact on his family's finances prompted a reevaluation of his career. Seeking stability, he discovered data science, captivated by its potential to derive insights from vast information.

OdinSchool became his ultimate stop, providing structured learning with an industry-vetted curriculum. 


Shobhit says, "The devastating impact of the coronavirus on my family's financial well-being left me in a state of shock and fear. It left me desperate, pushing me to seek a career in a field that would always remain relevant and in demand."

Shobhit Sharma

Now a data scientist at ADA, Shobhit recalls...

There was a time when there was a carefree guy (Shobhit) in the green hills of Himachal Pradesh. His dad made a living driving cars and showing tourists around. He was always fascinated by computers and coding and wanted to study them in detail. But life had different plans for him. He ended up in a tier III college, studying ECE, as his college did not even have IT or Computer Science departments. As a matter of fact, his college did not have any exposure to technology whatsoever.

In his first year, he got a little taste of C++ and liked it, but his subjects soon changed. And then, bam! Corona hit, and everything got crazy. Shobhit got very scared because nothing seemed certain anymore, especially with his family's financial situation. His dad's job as a tour guide took a direct hit during the lockdown, and things got quite tough at home.

Why did Shobhit choose Data Science?

This got him thinking hard about what he really wanted to do with his career. He pondered over the uncertainty and instability brought about by the pandemic. He realized the importance of choosing a profession that not only aligned with his interests but also offered stability and growth opportunities. After extensive research and introspection, Shobhit stumbled upon the field of data science, and it immediately struck a chord with him.

As Shobhit delved deeper into the world of data science, he was captivated by its potential to analyze vast amounts of information and derive meaningful insights. He saw it as an opportunity to not only build logical solutions but also make a significant impact in various industries. The prospect of being at the forefront of technological advancements and playing a crucial role in shaping the future of businesses excited him immensely.

Moreover, Shobhit recognized the ever-increasing demand for data scientists in today's data-driven world. He realized that data science was not just a passing trend but a field that would continue to thrive and remain relevant regardless of external circumstances.

Latest Glassdoor figures: The average salary for a Data Scientist is ₹13,50,000 per year in India. The average additional cash compensation for a Data Scientist in India is ₹1,50,000, ranging from ₹1,00,000 - ₹2,28,000.

Shobhit's Journey  at OdinSchool

YouTube is a source for many data science videos. Shobhit also started watching and following some videos but soon realized that nothing was structured, and he was trying to take in whatever is coming my way.

That's when he decided he wanted to join a data science course; while watching videos, he often heard the name 'OdinSchool' from many YouTube influencers. So he did some digging and spoke to the students who had completed the course here.

My research told me that this place is one of the best to study data science; hence, I immediately enrolled. After joining the course, I could feel the change in my knowledge levels from the 1st month itself; I got a strong sense of getting upskilled. I also worked with different data sets, one from the pharma industry, the other from the automobile industry, etc.

Apart from the hard-core technical skills, they taught us how to build a data science portfolio, taught all about behavioural interviews interpersonal skills, took mock interviews, and showed us the right way to build a resume. OdinSchool taught me everything about having the right kind of data science job.

Shobhit's learnings: Mistakes to avoid when preparing for a data science interview

Shobhit attended almost 30 interviews that taught him a lot about the different dos and don'ts of a data science interview. Though there are many to share, below three are the key ones,

Learning 1 - People forget that 'practice is the key'. Generally, it so happens that you learn a skill, move on to the next and forget to practise the 1st skill. You keep learning new things every day go to higher knowledge levels, but unless foundational knowledge is brushed up every day, one will not be able to climb the data science ladder.

Learning 2 - interpersonal skills matter a lot, which is often downplayed by many when preparing for a data science interview. In fact, how you present yourself is one of the key factors in having a successful interview.

Leaning 3 - Companies do not look for candidates who know everything but have an attitude to learn, which will be displayed in how you answer your questions. Make no mistake - learning attitude is very important.

Shobhit's Inspiring Interview


Frequently Asked Questions

Can an average person become a data scientist?

Though the suitable qualification to become a data scientist is a bachelor's degree in computer science, it is not mandatory. Actually, the minimum qualification required is graduation in any stream, followed by upskilling. One of the best examples is that of an interior designer who became a data scientist with a good package.

Is it hard to become a data scientist?

Depends. With the right guidance and effort, becoming a data scientist is not very hard.

Is data science a happy career?

Data scientists are indeed happy. According to a recent survey, a staggering 90% of data scientists said they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs.

do data scientists get paid well in India?

The average salary for a Data Scientist is ₹13,50,000 per year in India. 


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