How This Dietician Became A Data Science Professional

How This Dietician Became A Data Science Professional


Nidhi Kulkarni, a Nutrition Master's graduate, ventured into data science with OdinSchool, despite her lack of technical background. Through immersive weekend classes and hands-on projects, she gained confidence. With placement assistance, Nidhi transitioned to a software engineer role at Prolifics. Her journey underscores the accessibility of data science for professionals from varied backgrounds.

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“I used to be so disconnected from the domain of Data Science, that when I heard about Python (programming language), for the first time, I thought the instructors were referring to snakes”, in a conversation with OdinSchool, OdinGrad Nidhi Kulkarni from Hyderabad ruminates. 

Nidhi Kulkarni's journey to data science was not one she expected to tread. With a Master's degree in Nutrition from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nidhi had spent most of her career as a Dietician. However, when she discovered OdinSchool, she saw an opportunity to break into a trending domain. The switch to data science has certainly been a challenge for Nidhi, but one that she has found rewarding, nonetheless. 

Today, she is a software engineer at Prolifics, a leader in digital transformation, data, analytics, DevOps, and digital business. Read her career transition story here.

Why Data Science?

I wanted to work in a very happening and challenging domain. For the longest time in my career, I had worked as a dietitian. Later, I switched to Sales and Marketing. Even though these jobs did help me pick up some skills, I knew I needed a career change. That is when I discovered the demand for Data Science professionals”, she recalls. 

Data Science is one of the top picks for people who want to change their careers. Owing to the ongoing data revolution, the growing demand for Data Science professionals, and impressive salaries, it is called the sexiest job of the century.

As for Nidhi, one of her major fears while breaking into Data Science was her lack of technical experience. “Since I came from a non-technical background, I wanted to get into a field that demanded less coding skills. It was quite surprising to find out that Data Science, one of the most trending domains in the tech sector was quite forgiving to professionals like me who come with zero coding expertise”, Nidhi looks back at her career transition.”

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Flexible Data Science Bootcamp 

When you want to upskill as a professional, you may find that your current work schedule might pose some challenges. I know I did while I attended the Bootcamp and worked in sales at the same time. The best thing about OdinSchool’s Bootcamp is the weekend classes - this allows you to attend the lessons without having to take any days off from work, which is extremely helpful for professionals who want to learn new skills”, she elaborates on her experience with OdinSchool.

Data Science is at the forefront of advancements in technology. The technology finds its applications in almost all industries today. That is, to break into the field means to acquire the most in-demand skills in the field. This can only be achieved through ample hands-on experience.

OdinSchool’s Data Science Bootcamp starts from scratch; this is where Data Science aspirants like myself find OdinSchool to be helpful. They make you work on 7 projects across the core domains of Data Science. Once you complete them, you are encouraged to share them on networking platforms such as GitHub. This hands-on experience instilled a lot of confidence in me”, she says.

Placement Experience

Nidhi considers herself a fast and flexible learner. From Nutrition to Sales, Marketing, and now Data Science, her career trajectory showcases her fearlessness when it comes to trying new things.

She elaborates on her placement experience with OdinSchool, “OdinSchool’s placement support is an end-to-end experience. Not only do they set up your interviews with premium companies, but they also help you polish your resume and professional profiles, give you training sessions on how to appear for interviews, what to expect, and so on. Switching to Data Science was a terrifying experience for me, but OdinSchool helped me gather the courage to attend my interviews."

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