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Posts by Krishnamohan Chivukula:

Exploring Python Programming Jobs

Python Programming Jobs

The exponential growth in the popularity of Python in the last few years has been phenomenal. If you take the trend in StackOverflow, Python has crossed all other programming languages and is surging ahead at a rapid pace.

For any programming language to catapult to the top position, it is not sufficient if the applications are in one or two areas. C++, Java, and JavaScript, and the earlier leaders in this domain, had a wide range of applications that moved them to the top of the programming...

Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Using Python

Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Tweets Using Python

Sentiment Analysis is the process of computationally determining whether a piece of content is positive, negative or neutral. It is also known as Opinion Mining.

Why Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is mainly used to gauge the views of public regarding any action, event, person, policy or product. It has become a very potent weapon even for politicians to assess the public reaction over their statements (also consider checking out this perfect parcel of information for data science degree