Biotech Student Turned Power BI Developer in Just 180 Days!

Biotech Student Turned Power BI Developer in Just 180 Days!


Bakul Verma's inspiring journey from a biology graduate to a successful Power BI Developer is showcased in the blog. Despite a non-conventional background, Bakul's passion for learning led her to discover data science while tutoring to support her family. She joined OdinSchool's Data Science bootcamp, gaining comprehensive skills in the field. Her story illustrates the potential of combining interests and skills from different domains to unlock new career opportunities

When we think of data science professionals, we often imagine someone with strong coding, mathematics, and computer science background. But Bakul Verma, a recent graduate from OdinSchool, proves that passion and dedication can lead to success, even without a conventional educational path.


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Bakul's journey began with her love for the natural world. She pursued a Bachelor's degree (B.Sc) in Zoology, Botany, and Chemistry and a Master’s degree (M.Sc) from HNB Garhwal University. Although she had a solid foundation in Science, her exposure to mathematics was limited to her high school years. However, this did not deter her from pursuing her dreams.

During her second year of post-graduation, a life-altering event occurred. Her father met with a severe accident that left him bedridden for a significant period. As the eldest child in her family, Bakul felt a tremendous responsibility to support her family financially. In the face of adversity, Bakul leveraged her knowledge and skills by offering online tutoring services in Science and Mathematics to higher secondary students. This endeavour helped sustain her family and ignited a spark within her to explore the intersection of technology and education. It was during this time that Bakul discovered the field of data science. Intrigued by the potential of using data to solve real-world problems, she decided to dive into this emerging field. 

Fast forward to today, Bakul has successfully secured a position as a Power BI Developer at FIA Global. Her transition from biology to data science is a testament to her resilience and passion for learning. She has proven that it's never too late to change directions and pursue a new career.

Choosing Data Science Over Biotechnology 

As Bakul delved deeper into the world of data science, she discovered a unique connection between her biotech background and the realm of data science, which was analyzing statistical data. Biotech requires huge investments and has limited job opportunities compared to data science. Also, multiple professional training must be done before landing a job here.  She also dug deeper to understand the job profiles offered after completing her data science bootcamp.

According to Ambition Box, a vast difference has been highlighted in starting salaries between a biotechnology engineer and a data science engineer. With an average annual salary of ₹1.2 Lakhs for biotechnology engineers and ₹7.9 Lakhs for data science engineers, Bakul realized that pursuing a career in data science would offer her greater financial prospects.

All Thanks to OdinSchool

With an understanding of the immense career potential in data science and its vital connection to her biotech background, Bakul set out to find a reputable institution to develop her skills further. After a meticulous search, she came across OdinSchool. The comprehensive curriculum and rigorous training offered here aligned perfectly with her aspirations. Intrigued by the prospect of merging her statistical knowledge with the power of data, Bakul enrolled in OdinSchool's Data Science course

To gain admission, she successfully cleared an eligibility test that required her to prepare for the basic knowledge of statistics, excel, and fundamental programming knowledge in Python. After securing admission, the bootcamp started with systematic instructions on various relevant subjects. Starting from foundational concepts, they gradually progressed to advanced levels, ensuring regular topic revisions for thorough understanding and practice.

Through the bootcamp’s immersive training and hands-on projects, she gained an in-depth understanding of tools and techniques used in data science. From data visualization to data analysis, Bakul honed her skills under the guidance of experienced industry experts. 


Bakul's transformation from a biology graduate to a Power BI Developer is a remarkable tale of perseverance and grit. The dedication she showcased towards her family, coupled with her love for learning, allowed her to navigate through challenges and achieve her goals. Her decision to pursue data science at OdinSchool showcases the incredible potential that can arise when we thoughtfully combine skills and interests from various domains.

As we celebrate her success, let Bakul's story remind us that passion and determination are the keys to unlocking our full potential. If you too want to explore the vast world of possibilities that lies in the field of Data Science, apply to our bootcamp now!  

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