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Posts about Cloud Computing:

Top Paying Cloud Certifications - 2019

In the era we are living in today, it would be hard to find someone who has not heard of Cloud Computing. From storing and sharing files using google drive to watching movies on Netflix. Cloud technology is everywhere. We are living at a point of massive technological shift IT has ever seen. IT engineers are dealing with this at large. No matter what kind of work you do, you will be dealing with some aspect of cloud technology for sure.

With so many companies offering cloud services it's...

Top 15 Frequently Asked AWS Interview Questions and Answers

This AWS Questions and Answers blog is for a reader who has a fair amount of curiosity and interest in technology but does not have any background in it. Each question addresses a high-level understanding of the cloud ecosystem and the steps to explore the ecosystem. We will also explain to you how to navigate this abstruse world of computer jargon and put it to good use. It serves as a guide for someone who wants to learn about several AWS and cloud terminologies, wants to know about the most...

10 Top Azure Services To Look Out For In 2020

Here Are The Top 10 Azure Services To Look Out For In 2020

Being the only constant hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure is known for helping businesses overcome challenges related to cloud services. Since 2008, Microsoft Azure has gained widespread use by organizations across a diverse range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and so on.

Helping you to seamlessly manage and deploy applications, azure services come with four different cloud computing models (Also check out the cloud computing certification that...

Guide to Becoming an AWS Solutions Architect

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an AWS Solutions Architect

You must have learned about the rise in cloud computing if your career path is linked to information technology in any way. 

Whether you are an on-field engineer or a manager, learning about the cloud is an important decision you must take to enhance your employability.

AWS is the leading cloud services organization in the world, and, currently, the maximum market share in cloud services is owned by Amazon Web services. This implies that most of companies have already adopted AWS.


AWS vs. Azure. Choose the one which suits your needs the best!!

AWS vs. Azure. Choose the one which suits your needs the best

Are you trying to decide on whether to go with AWS or Microsoft Azure?

First, you want to know that both platforms are incomparable champions and leading cloud technology. But it’s becoming a tough race as both services are the cream of the crop in their unique ways. 

However, AWS has an edge; it’s older than Azure, so the competition is stiff for the newcomer, Azure. Let’s compare these two platforms side by side.

AWS vs Azure

In 2006, AWS launched some services that are
  1. The Simple...
Which AWS Certification Should You Choose?

Which AWS Certification Should I Choose

Amazon Web Services provide a cloud computing platform to a large group of companies. The facility includes basic abstract infrastructure and tools. Many organizations are utilizing this service as it is universally available and accessible. In order to shift the tasks and workloads to the cloud, one requires a specific set of skills for deploying, monitoring and managing the applications in the cloud (Here's the perfect parcel of information to learn cloud computing). 

AWS certification...

10 Top Reasons To Get An AWS Certification

Top 10 Reasons To Get An AWS Certification

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the hottest topics in the world of Information Technology. Organizations large and small are moving their applications and infrastructure over to the cloud. New cloud service models are coming on the scene constantly and cloud service providers are racing to provide customers with new features and services to help them tackle their toughest issues. With all of the new providers and service models that are popping up, Amazon’s AWS collection of services...

33 Top Frequently Asked DevOps Interview Questions And Answers | Cloud

Top 33 Frequently Asked DevOps Interview Questions And Answers | Cloud

DevOps means a lot of different things to different people. A few take it as "Operations and Development Collaboration", and a few take it as "Code as Infrastructure" or "Culture". The term "DevOps" has emerged from the collision of two major trends- "Agile Infrastructure/Operations" and understanding the value of “collaboration between Operations and Developers” throughout the development life cycle.

Interview questions on DevOps

1) What is DevOps?

DevOps is a transformational development...

Cloud Computing - The Global Standard Of Internet Business

Cloud Computing The Global Standard Of Internet Business

Today's devices are all inter-connected due to innovations in the field of digital technology. There are many devices around us designed to make our work easier. The internet has become omnipresent for our day to day activities. 

Let us see two scenarios where internet services comes into play....

Scenario 1: You need to go to attend a musical convention. You want to book a cab, so what do you do?

You open a taxi app on your smartphone which is connected to the internet. You enter your...