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Consumer Empowerment Big Data's Latest Buzz

Consumer Empowerment Big Data's Latest Buzz Word

Organizations desirous of placing themselves ahead in today’s cut-throat competitive scenario are choosing to treat their clients like valuable data owners. They are distinguishing themselves competitively, increasing overall brand loyalty, and reaping lucrative financial rewards in return. Usage-based insurance (UBI) modules and Fitbit are primary instances of the ways in which customers are trading personal data in the form of transparent market transactions. Yes, as per the results of a...

How Data Scientists Analyze Big Data For Better Results

How Data Scientists Analyze Big Data For Better Results |Big Data

Common business solutions and conventional analytics are now giving way to more informed and complicated Big Data analytics. With better-analyzed results in their hold, data scientists are making more result-oriented data-driven decisions, analyzing massive volumes of data, and amassing more useful knowledge databases than ever before. So, how do billions of rows of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, with millions of combinations in abundant formats and multiple data stores,...

Can Next Generation Databases Keep Up With Big Data

Can Next Generation Databases Keep Up With Big Data

Be it Oracle’s ORCL +0.00%, Microsoft’s MSFT +0.00% Access, or IBM’s IBM -0.61%’s DB2, these relational databases form a solid backbone for all kinds of data accumulation and storage needs. They are indispensable for structuring and accessing most forms of data; but then, they have their limitations when it comes to handling the complexities of extremely large-sized data sources. This is where a totally new category of the database comes to the rescue for handling Big Data challenges, and how!...

Unlocking Business Value Through Hadoop

Unlocking Business Value Through Hadoop |Big Data

Organizations today face a challenge of data disparity greater than ever before. Driven by company size and type, the data is huge, complex and is generated in different forms and varieties like -  

  • Structured data
  • Internal unstructured information – documents, images, files
  • Web generated text data – Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates
  • Machine data – information from sensors or other electronic devices
  • Location data – Mobile GPS data

Hadoop is a solution to the problem of Big Data. It...

Big Data Governance – What is it? How to get started?

Demystifying Big Data Governance: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Among all the big data-related opportunities and concerns, one that is demanding increased attention and is most challenging is data or information governance. Growth in the business need for data and analytics has put pressure on systems to deliver data rapidly. Diverse and complex data from multiple sources has made governance difficult to achieve. Proper governance can increase and make data more useful and valuable to the business.
Information Governance refers to the combination of...
9 Essential Skills For Your Big Data Career In 2015

9 Essential Skills For Your Big Data Career In 2015 |Big Data

It’s no longer a secret. Data mongers are scurrying to leverage the many tools and techniques of Big Data for gaining competitive advantage, much before their benefits start getting commoditized. So, if you are desirous of a lucrative job in the fast-increasing Big Data market, then it’s time to harness these essential skills, and on the double.

Apache Hadoop

It’s true that Apache Hadoop is on the verge of entering its 2nd decade soon, but then, it enjoyed a monstrous 2014 and is all...
Big Data Analytics: Enhancing The Value Of Technology

Big Data Analytics: Enhancing The Value Of Technology |Big Data

Big data analytics and processes are bringing about a paradigm shift in the ways in which organizations are going about their day-to-day operations. Smarter, better, and far more innovative than their traditional counterparts, big data-linked operations are certainly the way to go.
In the contemporary scenario beset with technology, we are forever discussing and debating the Internet of cloud, wearables, mobility, and just about every other tech trend that enhances the value of marketers....
Working With Big Data Challenges

Working With Big Data Challenges |Big Data

In the past few years, the deluge of big data that corporations had to deal with has left behind a spree of challenges. With the constant exchange, integration, and transmission of big data, the issues pertaining to the same are growing every minute. Read on for more.
Global Internet traffic has grown from a data storage capacity of 8.6 million Gigabytes to a whopping 1 billion Gigabytes. More than 183 billion emails are being exchanged each day, with Google—the popular search engine...
Fast Data Or Big Data What's Right For You

Fast Data Or Big Data What's Right For You | Big Data

Big data is getting bigger via a constant and regular stream of incoming data. This data is arriving at incredible rates in high-volume environments, and has to be analyzed and stored effectively.
About a decade ago, it was certainly impossible to imagine that petabytes of historical and real time data could be analyzed using commodity hardware. Today, it is commonplace to find huge Hadoop clusters developed from thousands of nodes; with open-source technologies making it possible for...
The Increasing World Of Open Source Big Data Tools

The Increasing World Of Open Source Big Data Tools |Big Data

With Hadoop rising by leaps and bounds on the popularity charts, and MapReduce seemingly running out of friends, business owners and corporate managers are now looking for innovative tools for giving back quicker solutions. Recent trends are tracking important new developments in the maturing NoSQL space and Hadoop stack..  and lots more.

Read on for a closer look at some popular open source big data tools that are making their presence felt in the ever increasing world of big data.