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Posts by Stella Morey:

Java Vs Javascript

Difference Between Java And Javascript |Programming

For communicating instructions to machines, programming languages serve as building blocks. Java is a high-level programming language currently being owned by Oracle. JavaScript is an interpreted language maintained by Mozilla and its trademark is owned by oracle. Both Java and JavaScript refer to the same language OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), they use same control structures, operators etc; and comments of JavaScript are same as Java. Despite these similarities they differ in various...

Why Apache Spark Using Hadoop Is Important

Why Hadoop With Apache Spark Matters

Hadoop — the popular data processing framework — becomes all the more useful when better performing components get connected to the same. Certain shortcomings of the Hadoop platform, for instance, the MapReduce component that’s reputed to be slow for effective real-time data analysis, can be handled well by the integration of Apache Spark with Hadoop. This powerful Hadoop-based data processing tool works well with streaming and batch workloads alike. It is outfitted with striking features to...

The Perfect Combination - Hadoop and SAP HANA

The Perfect Combination: Hadoop and SAP HANA

SAP-HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is making its presence felt as a scalable and robust memory column-oriented database management system for providing real-time analytics. Likewise, Hadoop, an open-source technology platform, adequately supports the processing and analysis of large sets of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data for managing massive volumes of varied datasets. The combination of SAP HANA with Hadoop is helping businesses attain and harness the plus...