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Posts by Pratyusha:

Top 10 Data Science Trends and Challenges (2024) - Discussed in-detail

Top Data Science Trends and Challenges (2024)

In the current situation, we are witnessing a highly developed and thoroughly researched form of data science that is rapidly growing and impacting every industry possible. It has significantly propelled technological advancements and exponentially boosted data production. 

From A Small Village To A Successful Java Developer

Tech Motivation: Jitendra Kumar's Inspirational Journey Unveiled

Jitendra Kumar Pandit's remarkable journey from a humble village in Jharkhand to achieving great success as a Java developer at PeopleTech company and a significant salary increase is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Jitendra's unwavering determination and commitment to his career goals shine brightly in this extraordinary success story.