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UPSC Setbacks to Sr. Data Analyst at Capgemini - An Inspiring Career Ride

Sundar Pichai, a metallurgy engineering degree holder, heads the largest search engine and perhaps one of the most powerful organizations in the world. What does this prove? The IT industry is not confined to individuals with traditional computer science backgrounds. This sentiment is echoed in the inspiring career journey of G. Naresh Babu, a Senior Data Analyst at Capgemini.

Data Analyst Resume

11 Tips to Write Your Data Analyst Resume

It does not matter if you're a fresher or a professional looking to switch to data science - your resume makes the first impression on your potential employer. A data analyst resume that stands out can open numerous doors of opportunities for you.Whether you are a novice in data science, have a Data Science certification, or have years of experience under your belt, these eleven resume tips will help you grab the attention of hiring managers.

Engineering to Data Science: Manish's Curiosity-Powered Career Journey

In the heart of Gujarat's tranquil landscapes, Manish Chaudhari's journey unfolded with a spark of curiosity. Legend has it, as a child, he once dismantled the refrigerator in his house just to understand its working. This early fascination with technology made him study electronics as his major in college. 

In his final semester, Manish Chaudhari took an automation course that not only expanded his knowledge but also ignited his passion for the field. This newfound understanding of...

From Passion to Profession: Ali's Tale of Mastering Data Engineering

A tale of transformation and triumph unfolds in the bustling town of Bukauras, Jharkhand. Meet Ali Raza, a postgraduate in computer applications whose journey from a small town to becoming a successful Data Engineer at Diensten Tech Ltd is nothing short of inspirational. Ali's story is a testament to the power of curiosity, dedication, and adapting to the changing tides of technology.