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Posts about Big Data (4):

Successful Digital Businesses Need Big Data

Successful Digital Businesses Need Big Data |Big Data

With mobile, cloud, analytics, and social media changes providing opportunities like never before, consumers, organisations, and employees, are now interacting in more unified ways with each other. For example, governments and businesses are creating new customer experiences, improving upon citizen services, reducing costs, delivering better patient outcomes, increasing the productivity of their staff...all through digital transformation, courtesy of big data!Yes, as per the results of a...

Big Data In Action 10 Case Studies That Really Matter

Big Data In Action Ten Case Studies That Really Matter

Big Data technology has mostly been used for solving problems unique to organizations using the internet to generate their revenue streams. The under-mentioned case studies see Big data in action, appropriately characterized by its3 V”s—velocity, variety, and volume. These big data case studies are meant to instruct readers and bring about improvements in business performance. Here is a sketch of the 10 most significant Big Data case studies doing the rounds. 1. Real-time pricing by Macy's Inc.

Importance Of Big Data For Software Developers

Importance Of Big Data For Software Developers |Big Data

Today, software-based systems are not only pervading more industry verticals but are also becoming more difficult and complex. Fortunately, Big Data is coming to the rescue of millions of software testing engineers and developers operating globally; especially with regard to teaching them what to tell their machines to do. So, regardless of whether software developers are using yesterday’s legacy systems or grappling with the challenges of tomorrow’s hot technologies, they are finding their...

Big Data Analytics Leading the way for Marketers

Big Data Analytics: Revolutionizing Sales and Marketing

Along with generating an ever-increasing repository of data that’s posing enormous challenges, Big Data is also bringing in significant business opportunities. This is especially true in the ways in which Big Data analytics is affecting the performance of sales and marketing experts, the right way. Yes, the age of "Big Data" has clearly dawned to impact sales and marketing in 2015. Take a look.

Big Data changing Sales and Marketing Models in 2015

The sales and marketing scene globally is going...

Big Data Practical Uses

Big Data Accomplishes Many Practical Uses Too

If you are totally convinced about the massive potential and powers of Big Data but a bit in the gray with regards to its worth for your organization, then you are in the right place. Here, we introduce you to some practical and realistic uses of predictive analysis and Big Data metrics in the existing economic scenario. These practical applications of Big Data will help you reckon its worth and think about the same for your workplace too.

Communicate Better with Vendors and Customers


A Peep Into The World Of Top Hadoop Distributions

A Peep Into The World Of Top Hadoop Distributions |Big Data

Hadoop has taken rapid strides in this world ridden with Big Data technology, predictive analysis tactics, and open source codes. This open source project has been taken up by numerous vendors who have been developing their own distributions, improving upon its code base, or adding new functionalities. Read on for more insights on the major distributions of Hadoop and how they are different from its standard edition.

Features of Apache Hadoop

Before moving ahead with the stack of top Hadoop...

Consumer Empowerment Big Data's Latest Buzz

Consumer Empowerment Big Data's Latest Buzz Word

Organizations desirous of placing themselves ahead in today’s cut-throat competitive scenario are choosing to treat their clients like valuable data owners. They are distinguishing themselves competitively, increasing overall brand loyalty, and reaping lucrative financial rewards in return. Usage-based insurance (UBI) modules and Fitbit are primary instances of the ways in which customers are trading personal data in the form of transparent market transactions. Yes, as per the results of a...

How Data Scientists Analyze Big Data For Better Results

How Data Scientists Analyze Big Data For Better Results |Big Data

Common business solutions and conventional analytics are now giving way to more informed and complicated Big Data analytics. With better-analyzed results in their hold, data scientists are making more result-oriented data-driven decisions, analyzing massive volumes of data, and amassing more useful knowledge databases than ever before. So, how do billions of rows of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, with millions of combinations in abundant formats and multiple data stores,...

Can Next Generation Databases Keep Up With Big Data

Can Next Generation Databases Keep Up With Big Data

Be it Oracle’s ORCL +0.00%, Microsoft’s MSFT +0.00% Access, or IBM’s IBM -0.61%’s DB2, these relational databases form a solid backbone for all kinds of data accumulation and storage needs. They are indispensable for structuring and accessing most forms of data; but then, they have their limitations when it comes to handling the complexities of extremely large-sized data sources. This is where a totally new category of the database comes to the rescue for handling Big Data challenges, and how!...