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Posts about Big Data (2):

Big Data - Creator Of Big Job Opportunities

Big Data The Creator Of Big Job Opportunities

Big data has evolved as one of the greatest trends in the IT industry. It is expected to grow endlessly in the years to come. Big Data-driven decision-making and data management is the no longer a new buzzwords in job circles. Explore more.

Big Data has come out of the phase when it was just a mere buzzword to the world. An augmentation in the application and high demand for Big Data has led to the need to handle it in the best possible way. This is the reason why the analysis of Big Data is...

Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies In 2016

Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies In 2016 | Big Data

Planning your career in Big Data? Looking for a top-rated business analytics company to recommend to a friend? Gainsight, InsightSquared, Paxata, Qubole, Kyvos Insights, SiSense, ThoughtSpot, Trifacta, Google…….Choose from the best!

With business analytics and big data jobs flooding the markets like never before, it is a tough call to recommend the best job provider on the scene. We bring you a compilation of some of the highest-rated companies that made it to the list of Computer Reseller...

Top 10 Big Data Interview Questions To Prepare

Top 10 Big Data Interview Questions To Prepare For | Big Data

When it comes to landing the job, Big Data engineers (such as you!) are expected to answer tricky interview questions that can leave them flustered and at a loss of words – right? Prior preparation of these top 10 Big Data interview questions will surely help in earning brownie points and set the ball rolling for a fruitful career.

Top 10 Interview Q&A

You may like to prepare for these questions in advance to have the correct answers up your sleeve at the interview table (also, consider...

Identify A Big Data Problem

Identify A Big Data Problem |Big Data

Many companies have data sets of hundreds, thousands and even lakhs of GB. That’s a lot of data, but it rarely meets the litmus test for true big data problem. Big data Projects have large, diverse, distributed and mixed data set characteristics:

  1. Do you have Perabyte of data?(1048576 GB’s). If “no”, you don’t have a big data problem.

  2. Do you really need responses in real time? If “no”, you don’t have a big data problem.

  3. Does it take long time to calculate results? (more than 8 hours or...

Advantages Of Big Data And IoT In Digital Marketing

Advantages Of Big Data And Iot In Digital Marketing |Big Data

In this digital age, organizations are taking advantage of digital marketing to reach out to a wide range of consumers across the globe. Digital marketing is helping organizations to reach to the target audience,for whom they have developed the products and wish to sell their products. Digital marketing gives them the flexibility to segregate audiences according to age groups, genders, and interests. Marketing agencies are taking advantage of Big Data and the Internet of Things [IoT], to...

Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move

Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move | Big Data

Big Data Analytics—arguably the hottest skill dominating contemporary job markets, serves to be the right career choice for many. Here are 10 more reasons that provide a peep into the big picture. 

Analytics Professionals are in High Demand

With more and more opportunities coming to the fore with regard to Big Data Analytics and management, IT professionals are prepping themselves to invest more time and money in their training for the same. As per Jeanne Harris, linked with Accenture...

Why Apache Spark Using Hadoop Is Important

Why Hadoop With Apache Spark Matters

Hadoop — the popular data processing framework — becomes all the more useful when better performing components get connected to the same. Certain shortcomings of the Hadoop platform, for instance, the MapReduce component that’s reputed to be slow for effective real-time data analysis, can be handled well by the integration of Apache Spark with Hadoop. This powerful Hadoop-based data processing tool works well with streaming and batch workloads alike. It is outfitted with striking features to...

All You Need To Know About Hadoop

All You Need To Know About Hadoop |Big Data

Apache Hadoop today is the principal force that drives our Big Data market. It was Cloudera’s Chief Architect, Dough Cutting who assisted in developing Apache Hadoop to address the enormous data explosion. Initially influenced by the published Google papers, that presented a useful approach to manage excess data, today Hadoop has become the standard medium or mechanism for processing, storing and evaluating terabytes and petabytes of data. It’s the latest buzzword in the IT landscape that...

Top 3 Meaningful Reasons To Learn Hadoop

Top 3 Meaningful Reasons To Learn Hadoop |Big Data

As the requirement for Big Data analytics grows, the demand for Hadoop is expected to rise. According to expert market analysts, the global Hadoop market was expected to take a giant leap from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $8.74 billion in 2016 and even going higher to an approximate figure of $50.2 billion by 2020. 

Considering the above-mentioned facts, even though Hadoop training might be a bit challenging but it is not bereft of its long-term benefits. By completing a Hadoop certification course...

The Perfect Combination - Hadoop and SAP HANA

The Perfect Combination: Hadoop and SAP HANA

SAP-HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is making its presence felt as a scalable and robust memory column-oriented database management system for providing real-time analytics. Likewise, Hadoop, an open-source technology platform, adequately supports the processing and analysis of large sets of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data for managing massive volumes of varied datasets. The combination of SAP HANA with Hadoop is helping businesses attain and harness the plus...