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Posts about Big Data:

20 Questions for a Data Analyst Position Interview

20 Questions Asked During an Interview for a Data Analyst Position

So you’ve been looking to make a career move to data analytics (also consider checking out this perfect parcel of information for a data science degree). You’ve probably taken up a course, done your homework. You’ve sought out firms for the position of data analyst. It took a while, but a firm has responded back, showing interest. They fix up an interview with you. You begin googling things to anticipate how the interview will go. And now, you’re on this page. 

Top Data Analysis Interview...

How To Bag Top Big Data Jobs

In 2016, enterprises are looking towards investing in advanced data-driven activities. So, the global big data job market has seen an unprecedented rise that makes aspirants want to know “How to bag top Big Data jobs.” Are you one of them?

Dynamic, data-driven changes are the primary reasons that have actually enabled the big data job market to grow at an intense pace. And not surprisingly so! According to a Forbes’ report, the world is going to witness 96.29% growth in demand for big data...

How Does Predictive Analytics Benefit Big Data?

Predictive Analytics is aBig Dataenabler. MNC’s and business houses today collate colossal real-time consumer data. Predictive analytics utilizes historical data and combines it with consumer insight to forecast future occurrences. It helps leading companies to use both the real-time and stored Big Data and shift from a historical to a forward-thinking customer perspective (also consider checking out this perfect parcel of information fordata science degree). 

Predictive Analytics: The Game...

The Next Stop For Big Data In Travel Industry

The Next Stop For Big Data In Travel Industry |Big Data

Big Data is probably the biggest generational shift in technology. It has impacted all segments of industry. It has been instrumental in driving better ROI for all kinds of companies. The benefits of Big Data for a better ROI are no longer left for guests. There is a lot of data to prove this. The emergence of various Big Data companies dedicated to specific services for specific industry segments further proves this.

One such industry which has benefited immensely from Big Data is the travel...

Benefits Of Big Data For A Better ROI

Benefits Of Big Data For A Better ROI |Big Data

Anything to do with Big Data is always big! Be it the hype around it, the volume of data or the number of Google searches. Yes, these two words “Big Data “ throw a staggering 277 million results on Google! That’s definitely a big number!

These numbers lead us to curiosity and we get to hear questions such as:

  • Are the benefits of Big Data equally big?
  • Does Big Data impact the ROI of an entity big time?
  • Does Big Data actually convert into measurable results?
  • Is the hype and hoopla surrounding...
Skills To Become A Data Engineer Now

Become A Data Engineer Now: Skills To Future Proof Your Career

We live in an era of digital technology where information is key. The vast amounts of data on the internet have become an area of study we now call "Big Data". So what exactly is big data, and how is it useful?

"Big Data" refers to large sets of data generated by various sources. Different internet sites, web apps, and company information generate vast data. These large amounts of data can be structured or unstructured.

Impact of Big Data

How can "Big Data" impact any business? Let us see...

Challenges In Monitoring Apache Spark

Challenges In Monitoring Apache Spark | Big Data

The new age of sophistication has seen the onset of a new age of large-scale data processing. The evidence of this change is visible in the high demand for real-time data processing. This sudden change in trend has been induced by a number of factors. But the main factor can be analyzed in an easy manner by looking into the traditional Time Value of Data belief. You also need to look into the peak behavior of data from the very first moment of its creation. This will guarantee to help you to...

Data Driven Decisions Are Changing The Way We Do Business

Data Driven Decisions: Changing The Way We Do Business

Verifiable data is the key to smart business governance backed by data driven decisions. Today, most businesses are relying on the fruitfulness of data-driven approach, accumulation of high-quality data, and the effectiveness of data interpretation and analysis.

Gone are the days when managers handling business operations had to bank upon reports from the IT department to get access to data-backed information. No longer do project managers and business decision makers rely on complicated...

Big Data Challenges In 2016

Big Data Challenges In 2016 That Are Making IT Strategists Sweat

From the security of large volumes of information to proper ingestion of data for end user purposes, the many challenges presented by Big Data are undeniable. Here, we take a look at the primary Big Data challenges facing organizations in 2016.

Today, a vast majority of organizations are heading in the right direction with regards to managing Big Data effectively. Nevertheless, the challenges of leveraging the many benefits of Big Data, without depleting the available resources, are agonizing...