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What is big data?

What is big data?

There is no rigid definition for " Big data". It is an all-inclusive term that refers to the voluminous amount of structured and unstructured data that is so big that it’s difficult to process using traditional databases and software techniques. In business terms, Big Data refers to the technology an organization can adopt to extract meaningful information. This information is owned by a company that can be collected, organized, and analyzed to produce business intelligence and value in the...

5 Big Data Predictions For 2015

5 Big Data Predictions What To Look For In 2015

Big data analytics and technologies are evolving at a torrid pace and show no sign of ebbing in 2015.  Here, we take a quick look at five major developments that will dominate the world of big data technology this year. 
In the past few years, technologies linked to big data have surpassed the realms of hype to bring about revolutionary changes in the new digital age. The year 2014 had witnessed organizational big data initiatives moving from test to production. According to John...
125 Most Influential People in Big Data & Hadoop

The 125 Most Influential People in Big Data & Hadoop

There are more than 284 million active users on Twitter. This makes following the right person difficult.  Our Team at GreyCampus has analyzed thousands of accounts to find out the most influential people in Big Data & Hadoop. After crunching some numbers, we compiled a list of the top 150 for you.
Users who made it on our list have more than 30,000 followers, followed 1000 people, and tweeted more than 20,000 times in almost four years. The most popular keywords within bios are Big Data...
Top Ways To Use Big Data In Projects

Top Ways To Use Big Data In Projects | Big Data

In the current scenario ridden with technological inputs and various kinds of data that are being used in day-to-day lives/projects, televisions, computers, phones, credit cards, and sensor-equipped buildings are contributing to the never-ending data stream, and how! Yes, data is not only growing exponentially but is multiplying at a monstrous speed, with its size doubling up every two years. As per forecasts, it is expected that the data created by us will touch a whopping 44 trillion...
Challenges In The Way Of Big Data

Challenges In The Way Of Big Data |Big Data

In the contemporary scene dominated by a wide spectrum of application areas, data is now being accumulated and processed at an unprecedented scale. Data-driven mathematical models are fast replacing hand-crafted models of reality and guesswork in strategic decision-making processes. Be it financial services, physical sciences, mobile services, manufacturing, life sciences or retail – Big Data analysis is the buzzword in all aspects of the society, and how!
Even as Big Data continues to...
Big Data Transforms Business

Big Data Transforms Business | Big Data

The Challenges of Big data are big. Its Opportunities are bigger. Discover the meaning of Big Data and what this technology shift can mean for your business.

Expands Customer Intelligence

For an Enterprise of hundreds to millions of customers, Recognition of customer does not always happen. That is changing now. Every Enterprise is using Big Data to identify the most Valuable Customers today. All this is done without penalizing customers who are not frequent renters.
Big Data examines a...
Basics Of Big Data Developer

Basics Of Big Data Developer |Big Data

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of structured and unstructured data (also consider checking out this perfect parcel of information for a data science degree). With Big Data solutions, organizations can dive into all data and gain valuable insights that were previously unimaginable. Follow the infographic below to know more:

Wiley Partners With GreyCampus In India

Wiley Partners With GreyCampus In India | Big Data

New Delhi / Hyderabad, 12th Dec, 2013: Wiley (www.wileyindia.com) has partnered with new-age digital education services company, GreyCampus, to launch a series of online and classroom training programs in India on IT Certifications for in-demand skills like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, Project Management, and Cyber Security, among others. This agreement, which was signed on the 6th of Dec-2013 at New Delhi, will form the backbone for the launch of a series of highly...