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How Does Predictive Analytics Benefit Big Data?

Predictive Analytics is aBig Dataenabler. MNC’s and business houses today collate colossal real-time consumer data. Predictive analytics utilizes historical data and combines it with consumer insight to forecast future occurrences. It helps leading companies to use both the real-time and stored Big Data and shift from a historical to a forward-thinking customer perspective (also consider checking out this perfect parcel of information fordata science degree). 

Predictive Analytics: The Game...

All You Need To Know About Hadoop

All You Need To Know About Hadoop |Big Data

Apache Hadoop today is the principal force that drives our Big Data market. It was Cloudera’s Chief Architect, Dough Cutting who assisted in developing Apache Hadoop to address the enormous data explosion. Initially influenced by the published Google papers, that presented a useful approach to manage excess data, today Hadoop has become the standard medium or mechanism for processing, storing and evaluating terabytes and petabytes of data. It’s the latest buzzword in the IT landscape that...

Top 3 Meaningful Reasons To Learn Hadoop

Top 3 Meaningful Reasons To Learn Hadoop |Big Data

As the requirement for Big Data analytics grows, the demand for Hadoop is expected to rise. According to expert market analysts, the global Hadoop market was expected to take a giant leap from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $8.74 billion in 2016 and even going higher to an approximate figure of $50.2 billion by 2020. 

Considering the above-mentioned facts, even though Hadoop training might be a bit challenging but it is not bereft of its long-term benefits. By completing a Hadoop certification course...

Big Data Top Trends In 2015

Big Data Top Trends In 2015 | Big Data

Big Data is moving ahead with great strides in 2015 and is being used and represented across companies globally. The adoption rate of this revolutionary innovation has grown tremendously to increase its importance as a business function that’s reliable, secure and worthy of providing great value to customers. Here, we take stock of some major Big Data trends that are impacting the world of data in 2015. Read on for more.

Simple Interfaces for Non-Data Scientists

As more and more organizations...

Big Data Best Practice Check List For SMEs

Big Data Best Practice Check List For Small And Medium Enterprises

Today, Big Data applications are radically transforming the ways in which small and medium enterprises are competing with each other. Because of their impact, it has become essential for companies to know the right ways of implementing Big Data tools and analytics –and from the very beginning too. These Big Data best practices are indispensible in enhancing the ongoing efforts of SMEs and help them move ahead with their smaller margin of error and budgets alike. Here’s a checklist that needs...

Top Differences between Hadoop 1.0 & Hadoop 2.0

Top Differences between Hadoop1.0 & Hadoop 2.0

Early adopters of the Hadoop ecosystem were restricted to processing models that were MapReduce-based only. Hadoop 2 has brought with it effective processing models that lend themselves to many Big Data uses, including interactive SQL queries over big data, analysis of Big Data scale graphs, and scalable machine learning abilities. The evolution of Hadoop 1's limited processing model, comprising various batch-oriented MapReduce tasks, to the more specialized and interactive hard-core models of...

How Big Data Is Creating Big Wonders For Organizations

How Big Data Is Creating Big Wonders For Organizations | Big Data

As per a recent study by Accenture Analytics, enterprises that are starting upon and completing their Big Data projects successfully are noting significant value and many practical results from their operations. On the other hand, those standing on the sidelines are finding themselves in a position to be left behind. From innovative market development techniques to new revenue generation, Big data tools and analytics are delivering massive business outcomes for a wide range of strategic...