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Posts by Uma Daga:

How To Bag Top Big Data Jobs

In 2016, enterprises are looking towards investing in advanced data-driven activities. So, the global big data job market has seen an unprecedented rise that makes aspirants want to know “How to bag top Big Data jobs.” Are you one of them?

Dynamic, data-driven changes are the primary reasons that have actually enabled the big data job market to grow at an intense pace. And not surprisingly so! According to a Forbes’ report, the world is going to witness 96.29% growth in demand for big data...

Data Driven Decisions Are Changing The Way We Do Business

Data Driven Decisions: Changing The Way We Do Business

Verifiable data is the key to smart business governance backed by data driven decisions. Today, most businesses are relying on the fruitfulness of data-driven approach, accumulation of high-quality data, and the effectiveness of data interpretation and analysis.

Gone are the days when managers handling business operations had to bank upon reports from the IT department to get access to data-backed information. No longer do project managers and business decision makers rely on complicated...

5 Top Myths About Becoming A Software Developer

Top Five Myths About Becoming A Software Developer

Procuring the knowledge and skills of becoming a software developer is a privilege granted to few. This is not true at all! Here, we talk about the top 5 myths about becoming a software developer. 

Essentially, learning the ways of becoming a software developer is similar to pursuing any other career skill. Here, just like in all other career opportunities, hard work serves to be the most important determinant for success. Notwithstanding this indisputable fact, most people love to...

Big Data Challenges In 2016

Big Data Challenges In 2016 That Are Making IT Strategists Sweat

From the security of large volumes of information to proper ingestion of data for end user purposes, the many challenges presented by Big Data are undeniable. Here, we take a look at the primary Big Data challenges facing organizations in 2016.

Today, a vast majority of organizations are heading in the right direction with regards to managing Big Data effectively. Nevertheless, the challenges of leveraging the many benefits of Big Data, without depleting the available resources, are agonizing...

5 Excellent Basic Formatting Tips On MS Excel

Five Excellent Basic Formatting Tips On MS Excel

In most cases, MS Excel users are well aware of the tips and techniques of applying basic texts and numeric formats. But those who are keen to learn more are likely to create more comprehensible and effective worksheets. Knowledge of applying the accurate formatting procedure to the right cell would help users work with both time and operational efficiencies. You may also like to get more out of basic formatting features in MS Excel with these 5 excellent tips. 

1. Copy Formats with Fill...

Big Data - Creator Of Big Job Opportunities

Big Data The Creator Of Big Job Opportunities

Big data has evolved as one of the greatest trends in the IT industry. It is expected to grow endlessly in the years to come. Big Data-driven decision-making and data management is the no longer a new buzzwords in job circles. Explore more.

Big Data has come out of the phase when it was just a mere buzzword to the world. An augmentation in the application and high demand for Big Data has led to the need to handle it in the best possible way. This is the reason why the analysis of Big Data is...

8 Programming Languages Developers Should Know

Eight Up And Coming Programming Languages Developers Should Know

These 8 up-and-coming programming languages form the backbone of IT sector development. Along with HTML, Java, or Objective C, there are other programming languages that have achieved high ratings and striking reviews from critics worldwide.

We all know that programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, and PHP have always stood up to the market demands. Nonetheless, there are progressions going on in the ever-developing IT world. This enormous rate of progression requires that language...

Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies In 2016

Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies In 2016 | Big Data

Planning your career in Big Data? Looking for a top-rated business analytics company to recommend to a friend? Gainsight, InsightSquared, Paxata, Qubole, Kyvos Insights, SiSense, ThoughtSpot, Trifacta, Google…….Choose from the best!

With business analytics and big data jobs flooding the markets like never before, it is a tough call to recommend the best job provider on the scene. We bring you a compilation of some of the highest-rated companies that made it to the list of Computer Reseller...

10 Hot Programming Trends and 10 Going Cold

Ten Hot Programming Trends and 10 Going Cold

These 10 hot new programming trends and 10 going cold will keep you well-informed and ready to traverse the right paths. So what if your profession is in programming? Everything you need should be trendy, right!  

It is true that in the contemporary world driven by technology, the ruling seat is occupied by science, mathematics, rigor, logic, precision and so on… It also deserves mention that the profession of programming is not untouched by trends. Trends in programming are driven by greater...