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Posts by Uma Daga:

Top Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2016

Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2016 | Programming

Our previously published article listed the top 9 programming languages of 2016 using data available from www.indeed.com. Here are our results when we did similar research on www.gooroo.com.

Still, looking for the next big thing in terms of the highest-paying programming languages? With more and more e-learning modules, virtual classrooms, and certification courses coming to the fore, aspirants like you are easily lost for choice. Here’s our take on how you should chalk the way forward with...

Top 10 Big Data Interview Questions To Prepare

Top 10 Big Data Interview Questions To Prepare For | Big Data

When it comes to landing the job, Big Data engineers (such as you!) are expected to answer tricky interview questions that can leave them flustered and at a loss of words – right? Prior preparation of these top 10 Big Data interview questions will surely help in earning brownie points and set the ball rolling for a fruitful career.

Top 10 Interview Q&A

You may like to prepare for these questions in advance to have the correct answers up your sleeve at the interview table (also, consider...

5 Big Data Predictions For 2015

5 Big Data Predictions What To Look For In 2015

Big data analytics and technologies are evolving at a torrid pace and show no sign of ebbing in 2015.  Here, we take a quick look at five major developments that will dominate the world of big data technology this year. 
In the past few years, technologies linked to big data have surpassed the realms of hype to bring about revolutionary changes in the new digital age. The year 2014 had witnessed organizational big data initiatives moving from test to production. According to John...
Top Ways To Use Big Data In Projects

Top Ways To Use Big Data In Projects | Big Data

In the current scenario ridden with technological inputs and various kinds of data that are being used in day-to-day lives/projects, televisions, computers, phones, credit cards, and sensor-equipped buildings are contributing to the never-ending data stream, and how! Yes, data is not only growing exponentially but is multiplying at a monstrous speed, with its size doubling up every two years. As per forecasts, it is expected that the data created by us will touch a whopping 44 trillion...
3 Top Agile Software Development Methods

Top 3 Agile Software Development Methods |Project Management

Agile software development methods have been in the rage since 2001. A big hit in the current scenario as well, there are so many different kinds of Agile methods that developers often face harsh challenges while selecting the right method for their software. The best way of selecting the most effective option is by going through the pros and cons of these top 3 Agile methodologies:


This method was developed by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber and involves working in one or more small...

Challenges In The Way Of Big Data

Challenges In The Way Of Big Data |Big Data

In the contemporary scene dominated by a wide spectrum of application areas, data is now being accumulated and processed at an unprecedented scale. Data-driven mathematical models are fast replacing hand-crafted models of reality and guesswork in strategic decision-making processes. Be it financial services, physical sciences, mobile services, manufacturing, life sciences or retail – Big Data analysis is the buzzword in all aspects of the society, and how!
Even as Big Data continues to...