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From Answering Calls at a BPO to a Data Analyst at TekFriday!

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Akshata is a successful Data Analyst at TekFriday Processing Solutions Pvt Ltd ( dynamic and young company, on an aggressive growth path with a goal to put a mark on the Alternative Financial Services domain). 

Secure Complete Data Privacy with the Best Full Stack Development Practices in 2023

According to LinkedIn's report on Jobs on the Rise, a "full-stack engineer" is among the top emerging jobs. As technology evolves rapidly, full-stack developers are an asset to any organization. According to statistics, the demand for full-stack developers has increased by 35% annually. According to another report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, The demand for full-stack developers is expected to grow, projecting an 8% increase in employment for software developers between 2020 and...

A Quick Guide to Choosing The Best Data Science Bootcamp for Your Career

Are you looking to start a career in data science but not sure which course to choose? Now that you know the potential of Data Science as a career path, it is crucial to choose a course that will help you realize your career goals and aspirations. 

With the growing demand for data science professionals, plenty of courses are available, each with varying levels of quality, relevance, and precision. If you are looking for the best data science course in India, we suggest you pause and read this...