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50 Top Python Interview Q&A

Top 50 Python Interview Questions With Answers For Freshers

I have been interviewing people on Python for the last 4 years. I have written this blog covering all the basic building blocks of Python. These 50 questions cover all important topics at different levels, get the best from this blog, and ace your interview.

Good Luck with your preparation!

Python Basic Level Interview Questions and Answers

1)  A = 10, 20, 30 

In the above assignment operation, what is the data type of ‘A’ that Python appreciates as?

Unlike other languages, Python appreciates...

RPA Influence on Process Excellence

The Impact of RPA on Process Excellence

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock on Mars, I am sure you would have heard of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) impacting jobs across industries even more so if you are in the Process Excellence field. Most predictions and prophecies suggest that most of us in the Process Excellence field won’t be needed in a few years. The concern is real and extremely valid. Over the last five years, the process excellence function has had to respond to the challenge thrown by RPA, and we have been...

HTML 5 - Interview Questions

HTML 5 Interview Questions And Answers

When it comes to building a web application, the three main technologies that act as a building block for the development of a web application are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. To make a website appear good and function as expected, we need a minimum of these technologies. HTML is the backbone of the entire web application; without HTML, the web application cannot exist. As for CSS and Javascript, a website can be created without these, but such a website would be of no use.

What is HTML?


Exclusive Javascript Interview Q&A

Top Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

Javascript was introduced by a Netscape employee Brendan Eich in 1995, and it was inspired by Java. It was introduced with the intention to make web pages more interactive. It is used to change the contents of a web page just with a mouse click or by hovering, and one can perform many more events with both mouse and keyboard.

What is Javascript?

Before the introduction of Javascript, internet communication was done through HTML and CSS (for good design). But, just HTML and CSS were not enough...

40 Exclusive Spring Interview Questions (Updated for 2018)

Top 40 Spring Interview Questions and Answers (Updated for 2018)

The traditional J2EE application contains an excessive amount of code that does not have much importance in the application. Such an approach distracts the developers from focusing on the application’s business domain. Also, the J2EE applications are tough to take through the testing phase. Because of the problems, a tool-based code generation approach was adopted; however, it failed. With such experiences in mind, frameworks were introduced. Frameworks provide great flexibility during the...

Top 30 Interview Questions And Answers On Angular 5 | Programming

Web development has come a long way in delivering functionalities online. Tremendous changes are happening both on the client-side technologies (like JS/Angular) and the server-side technologies (like Java/Spring). Not only AngularJS, but similar technologies like React JS and Vue JS also offer great scope in client development. Let us see what Angular has to offer in client development.

What is Angular and Why Angular?

Angular (2/4/5) is not a programming language like Javascript or...

5 Top Skills That Make You A Sure Shot Programmer

Top Five Skills That Make You A Sure Shot Programmer

I got this really funny image on a whatsapp chat as a forward. What do you make of it?

This and many other similar jokes on the internet can lead you to think that programmers are this bunch of nerds who hardly have a reality check. On the contrary, they have a reality check. A mighty good one at that! I mean, who else you will go to but a programmer if you want your computers to do what you want them to do! These are the guys who write, design, test, debug and maintain the source code;...

C++ and C#: Which Programming Language is Right for You?

Choosing Between C++ and C#

The world of programmers is a dynamic one. Good programmers can create wonders with the right kind of language used for the appropriate application. C++ and C# are two such languages that are used by programmers extensively.

What to learn first between C++ and C#, as a programming language, is not an easy question to answer. The reason is simple. Both C# and C++ have brilliant uses. They both are in demand. Both of them have specific uses that the other cannot fulfill in totality.

Here’s what...


SQL vs NoSQL Databases: Understanding the Key Differences

SQL and NoSQL are mainly databases. SQL is a relational database and NoSQL are non-relational databases. It is important to note that NoSQL databases do not mean “No to SQL”, it means “not only SQL”. Both these databases do the same thing, which is store data. They are different primarily in the way they store data. They are both relevant today and have their own uses. Neither is superior to the other, it’s just the way that these databases are used that make them most relevant to a particular...

Java Vs Javascript

Difference Between Java And Javascript |Programming

For communicating instructions to machines, programming languages serve as building blocks. Java is a high-level programming language currently being owned by Oracle. JavaScript is an interpreted language maintained by Mozilla and its trademark is owned by oracle. Both Java and JavaScript refer to the same language OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), they use same control structures, operators etc; and comments of JavaScript are same as Java. Despite these similarities they differ in various...