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20 Selenium Interview Questions

20 Selenium Interview Questions and Answers | OdinSchool

We all know that job interviews can be challenging, especially if you don’t have all the information in one place.  Moreover, preparing for an interview takes a lot more than Googling a list of common interview questions.

But don’t worry we have chalked down some Selenium interview questions and answers that can save your time and effort.

Also, in case you are looking to get hired for Selenium Automation Testing, then you should have the following skills:

  • Test architecture
  • Test design
  • ...
30 Top Linux Interview Q&A 2020

Top 30 Linux Interview Questions And Answers: 2020 | OdinSchool

In the Linux interview, you are expected to know about Linux in detail. If asked, LINUX is an open-source operating system where one gets the liberty to design their custom Operating System. It’s free software with free server licensing and can be installed on multiple computers depending upon the requirement. It supports multiple file systems, and the immunity toward viruses and malware is very high.

Features of the LINUX operating system

  • It is portable.
  • It supports simultaneous...
Angular JS vs Angular X

Angular JS vs Angular X: Understanding the difference | Programming

In this article, you'll find an in-depth comparison of AngularJS and the latter versions of Angular. Keep reading to know more.

A framework is an environment with a set of tools that are in the form of functions, classes, libraries, etc. With the help of this set of tools, you can develop complex applications. Or else, it will take a considerable amount of time to build such complex applications because you will have to start designing from scratch. Frameworks also help you organize the code....

An Introduction to React: The Powerful Programming Language

An Introduction to React: The Powerful Programming Language

React is a popular and widely used programming language at present since almost every web developer or full-stack developer is using it. Sounds interesting right? Let’s read all about React here.

Before diving into the subject, first, let’s begin by understanding what SPA(Single Page Application) is.

SPA(Single Page Application)

SPA is an application that loads single HTML page instead of reloading the entire page from the server during interactions with the app.

It updates pages dynamically...

React Js Vs React Native - Know the differences

React Js Vs React Native

There is usually widespread confusion on what is the difference between React.js and React Native, especially among novice developers. 

The reason is, that React and React Native share the same parents, even similar names, as well as a common technology backbone. But that doesn’t mean that there are no differences. However, to understand them, we first need to have a basic knowledge of both frameworks.

React.js was an initiative by the Facebook team in 2011 to create a dynamic UI that is...

React For Web Development - Know in detail

Why React is the Top Choice for Modern Web Development

React is the framework to adopt, according to The State of JavaScript 2018 survey. It has a satisfaction rate of 91 percent, with three fourth of respondents of the survey using it. NPM trends also say the same story with React’s downloads almost five times to its competitor frameworks like Vue and Angular.

And the obvious question is, Why? Why use React? What has made React grow so huge, and Why big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, Pinterest, and Udemy are betting on...

Top 25 ITIL Interview Questions and Answers for Career Growth

Top 25 ITIL Interview Questions and Answers for Career Growth

ITIL (previously an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) practices that focus on regulating the services of Information Technology with of the needs of organizations. Since the IT industry is dynamic and as there are continuous developments in service structure and practices, it focuses mainly on the alignment and maintenance of IT services with respect to the prevailing market and standards of business.


Exploring Python Programming Jobs

Python Programming Jobs

The exponential growth in the popularity of Python in the last few years has been phenomenal. If you take the trend in StackOverflow, Python has crossed all other programming languages and is surging ahead at a rapid pace.

For any programming language to catapult to the top position, it is not sufficient if the applications are in one or two areas. C++, Java, and JavaScript, and the earlier leaders in this domain, had a wide range of applications that moved them to the top of the programming...

React Vs Angular: Know the differences

React Vs Angular

More and more people are adopting JavaScript. Be it in the front end or the back end, building mobile applications and Artificial Intelligence applications, JavaScript has become an integral part of the development. JavaScript brings in many libraries and frameworks out of which we will focus on the two most popular and important ones - REACT & ANGULAR in this article.

React and Angular, the most widely used technologies, have made developers' lives much easier. They help developers maintain...

50 Top Python Interview Q&A

Top 50 Python Interview Questions With Answers For Freshers

I have been interviewing people on Python for the last 4 years. I have written this blog covering all the basic building blocks of Python. These 50 questions cover all important topics at different levels, get the best from this blog, and ace your interview.

Good Luck with your preparation!

Python Basic Level Interview Questions and Answers

1)  A = 10, 20, 30 

In the above assignment operation, what is the data type of ‘A’ that Python appreciates as?

Unlike other languages, Python appreciates...