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5 Top Myths About Becoming A Software Developer

Top Five Myths About Becoming A Software Developer

Procuring the knowledge and skills of becoming a software developer is a privilege granted to few. This is not true at all! Here, we talk about the top 5 myths about becoming a software developer. 

Essentially, learning the ways of becoming a software developer is similar to pursuing any other career skill. Here, just like in all other career opportunities, hard work serves to be the most important determinant for success. Notwithstanding this indisputable fact, most people love to...

8 Programming Languages Developers Should Know

Eight Up And Coming Programming Languages Developers Should Know

These 8 up-and-coming programming languages form the backbone of IT sector development. Along with HTML, Java, or Objective C, there are other programming languages that have achieved high ratings and striking reviews from critics worldwide.

We all know that programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, and PHP have always stood up to the market demands. Nonetheless, there are progressions going on in the ever-developing IT world. This enormous rate of progression requires that language...

10 Hot Programming Trends and 10 Going Cold

Ten Hot Programming Trends and 10 Going Cold

These 10 hot new programming trends and 10 going cold will keep you well-informed and ready to traverse the right paths. So what if your profession is in programming? Everything you need should be trendy, right!  

It is true that in the contemporary world driven by technology, the ruling seat is occupied by science, mathematics, rigor, logic, precision and so on… It also deserves mention that the profession of programming is not untouched by trends. Trends in programming are driven by greater...

Top Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2016

Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2016 | Programming

Our previously published article listed the top 9 programming languages of 2016 using data available from www.indeed.com. Here are our results when we did similar research on www.gooroo.com.

Still, looking for the next big thing in terms of the highest-paying programming languages? With more and more e-learning modules, virtual classrooms, and certification courses coming to the fore, aspirants like you are easily lost for choice. Here’s our take on how you should chalk the way forward with...

All About Hypertext Markup Language

Complete Information About Hypertext Markup Language | Programming

Without HTML language, browsers fail to understand the format of the information that needs to be displayed on the web page. Read this article and learn more about HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The word markup is usually used by editors for making markings in manuscripts when they want to give them for revision. HTML language also includes a set of markup symbols that gives instructions to the web browser on how to display data or information on the web page....

The Significance of Strings in Java

Java is a programming language that was first released by Sun Microsystems in the year 1995. Most of the websites and application that we come across over the internet in our day to day life is developed using Java programming language. There are other programming languages available in the market, but Java is most widely used by developers, as it is an open-source language, which means that it does not come with a price tag as it can be used by the developers for free of cost. Maybe this is...

Know The importance is ITIL for Business Analysts

How important is ITIL for Business Analysts? | ITSM

Forward-thinking companies are expanding at a faster pace than ever today! The objective is business development, increased success, and lesser costs. Naturally, the percentage of data that a business house or a corporation is expected to manage today is also increasing phenomenally, thereby giving rise to various management challenges for IT executives and managers. The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Management practices prove useful in addressing such challenges efficiently. It blends in...

3 Top Agile Software Development Methods

Top 3 Agile Software Development Methods |Project Management

Agile software development methods have been in the rage since 2001. A big hit in the current scenario as well, there are so many different kinds of Agile methods that developers often face harsh challenges while selecting the right method for their software. The best way of selecting the most effective option is by going through the pros and cons of these top 3 Agile methodologies:


This method was developed by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber and involves working in one or more small...

Strategic Process Essentials for IT Service Management

Strategic Process Essentials for IT Service Management

The principal aim of an organization, the service provider, is to know his customers and their requirements, and understand which IT service will best support its business functions. A successful strategic plan not only enables the organization to create value for the customers but also benefits the service provider in terms of revenue and growth.

Key Processes of Service Strategy

  • Strategy Management for IT services
  • Strategy Portfolio Management
  • Financial Management for IT service
  • Demand...
Demystifying the ITIL Service Life Cycle: A Comprehensive Guide

Demystifying the ITIL Service Life Cycle: A Comprehensive Guide

To sustain high levels of business performance, organizations need to offer competitive products and services that customers will value, buy and use. The organization should adapt to the changes in economic climates. All the practices used should help for business transformation and development.

This transformation is supported by ITIL service Management through the Service life cycle. The stages of this life cycle are:

  • Service Strategy

  • Service Design

  • Service Transition

  • Service...