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Posts by Deepthy Prabha:

Angelina Daisy's Career Launch After A 16-Year Break

Indian women face unique challenges when it comes to balancing their career life and family life. In the process, their dreams of achieving success in their professional lives often take a backseat. Despite the progress made in recent years, there are still a lot of barriers for women who aspire to relaunch their careers after getting married. 

Shilpa's Inspiring Career From Assistant Professor To  Data Scientist

Shilpa's Career Journey From Assistant Professor To  Data Scientist

Data Science is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world and a top choice for professionals who make career switches. As for Shilpa Ingole, a professor with a decade-long experience, her lack of industry experience was a significant hurdle that stood in the way of her career aspirations. Despite having a Master's degree in Information and Technology, she wasn't confident about pursuing a career in Data Science.

Time For Engineers To Be Data-Savvy

Engineers Need To Be Data-Savvy Now More Than Ever

Engineers, for sure, make a unique breed. Their consequential acts of leveraging the rules of our world to build things that nature readily didn't give us are what led to the advancement of humankind in the first place. Due to the very same reason, the field of engineering is never going out of demand. 

From Academia to Data Science: A Ph.D.'s Inspiring Career Transition

This Ph.D. Holder Switched To A Full-Time Data Science Job

Dr. Drakshayani Desai had more than a decade of experience as a research guide when she stumbled upon an unexpected career impasse. With a Ph.D. in Image Processing and extensive experience as a professor, she had established a very successful career in academia. But, to keep up with the rapidly-changing demands of the industry, she made an ever-so-daunting decision to switch to a career in Data Science in her forties. And so she did. Drakshayani is currently employed at Prolifics, a leading...